BB- The Nest at the County – 5/7/22 – Derby Themed Rotation- Backflop and Meter Maid CoQ

I can see why the weather people only give a 10 minute weather guarantee in our area. It was not supposed to rain this morning before the Nest. The conditions were 51 degrees with a light rain and wet/sloppy conditions at the Nest track. Backflop and YHC were coQs. We each came with a plan to pull off a successful Derby themed rotation.

There were 17 pax who participated in help to #MTCGA – Honey Do, Jolly Rancher, Lambeau, Captain Crunchberries, Fungi, Cratchit, DeVitto, Kitty Litter, Valdez, Gisele, WILDflower, Virginia Slims, Big Bird, O’Neil, Cochran, Backflop (CoQ), and Meter Maid (CoQ).

Backflop provided the disclaimer which should have included we are not trained betting professionals either after yesterdays bets. We moseyed to the front lot for COP. It consisted of SSH IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Copperhead Squats IC and runners stretch and stuff (strict). We moseyed back around campus to the start point where we collected our coupons.

Backflop had a board of exercises for the pax to select. He had a hat with all the derby horses and their morning line odds. They led others in an selected exercise based on the morning line odds. Every five or so exercises, we took a short lap and concluded with a sprint. When Captain Crunchberries had one of the favorites, we did 72 benchpress rather than 3.5 based on the 7-2 odds. Lambeau picked burpees (big surprise) and another pax selected manmakers on a 20-1 horse. Also played some Derby themed music. Had Dauber been there he would have enjoyed Taylor Swift’s White Horse and Pelican would have enjoyed Jack Harlow’s Churchill Downs.

After each pax selected a horse, we moved across to the sandbag races. Just like horses, some are handicapped. There were five pax in each race. One was 20 pounds, two were 40 pounds and two were 60 pounds. The winner of the heats made it to the finals where two other pax participated. Backflop did his best CLan wire to wire to win the sandbag derby.

Then we moved onto a horseshoe exercise. Each pax had their own parking space. Ends of the parking space were 5 donkey kicks and two inner corners were 5 burpees each. First time travel was bear crawl and return was crab walk (aka apple turnover).

To conclude, we got into groups of three for each sandbag. One would travel with sandbag while the other two did 5 burpees and then one swapped to take the sandbag. We went around the far islands a couple of times before our workout concluded.

We concluded with COR and NOR. For announcements, we have the monthly ruck on 5/20 at 7pm starting at the Mutt. It is a scavenger ruck. On 6/4, we have the County Fair with a heavy, 5k, boot camp and kickball game. Goshen BO is starting on Tuesday. Lambeau has the Q so expect different FNG names of flatliner, gassed, heart attack.

Backflop took intentions and closed with an Our Father. We then had some great 2nd F with the world famous WILDflower Bloody Marys.

Thanks for all those who came out to help #MTCGA!

Always humbled to lead,

-Backflop and Meter Maid

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