PB – The Range at The Patriot– Furdays Q

Join us for a Dora style workout with a theme of “Virtuous Friendships.” A good friend of mine put me on to this term a few years back and it has really stuck with me on ways to be an impactful friend, brother, leader, etc. Bring a coupon, an FNG and let’s get after it. SYITG

Meet at the statue in front of the courthouse @0530
100 West Main St.
LaGrange, KY

Also, I was out of town Monday and didn’t get a chance to tell everyone about Marine Lance Cpl. James E. Brown who’s story is below:

From Evansville Indiana, James was an exceptional athlete playing numerous sports and won Indiana Golden Gloves in 2003 & 2005 @ 178 lbs which was the weight class above his true weight.

Called to serve after 9/11, James wanted to be a combat soldier on the front lines of Iraq where he knew fellow Americans were being killed. He moved up the ranks fast being promoted twice in his first 10 months.

Prior to leaving for Iraq in 2006, James proposed to his girlfriend and they planned to get married after his 7 month tour. He routinely showed courage volunteering for some of the most difficult assignments and was called to lead “men into the belly of the beast.” Though he did not  return alive, he returned a hero.

More people attended his funeral than live in his entire home town.

Full story can be found here.

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