BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q

Beautiful morning in La Grange with 11 HIMS in and around our historic downtown. Appreciated Jimmy Neutron coming out who was the one that got me out to F3 in the first place when he usually posts at the Garden.

Been a tremendous growing experience since joining F3 as an FNG on April 6th having now done ~ 20 workouts and this being my second Q. I tend to gravitate towards picking workouts that I have enjoyed from others and incorporating those into some version of my Qs. Both of my Qs have had ‘stations’ where I try to add in upper & lower body workouts, with some core components as well.

Today’s workout was a 3 station Dora. My first Dora experience was a few weeks back on a Patty Q and I really like the partner component to help push me. It gives you a little more drive to hit the next rep, or push the extra mile so that you don’t leave your partner high & dry.

Todays workout was as follows:

{{Still learning all the workout names, so apologies if mislabeled}}

City Place
150 Chest Press
150 Squats
150 LBCs
Travel was around the square sidewalk of City Place

City Place Parking Lot
150 Shoulder Press
150 Calf Raises
150 Big Boys
Travel was back pedal through parking lot, run back

Church Parking Lot
150 Curls
150 Lunges
150 American Hammer
Travel was side shuffle left down parking lot, back shuffling Right

Each station you had to switch partners which went with the theme of “Virtuous Friendships.”

A good friend of mine told me about this term a few years back and it has stuck with me since that time. You have a lot of friends, coworkers, family members, relationships. Some are valuable, good and healthy, some are toxic, draining and unhealthy. The meaning of Virtuous Friendships is that no matter what you are there for someone on their highs and lows, to celebrate their successes, be their on their lows, and feel rewarded in their successes as if they were your own.

It’s a hard thing to contemplate. Our natural instinct is to put ourselves into the situation and think “why didn’t I get that job”, “why don’t I make more money”, “they have this perfect life, what about me?”… All natural responses, but when you can separate those feelings out and just be happy for others, that is the meaning of Virtuous Friendships… “I’m so excited for you and your new job”, “congrats on all of your successes”, “you are doing great things for you and your family”… and its not all in the context of friendships. It’s also an outlook of life and just the way we can treat others.

Appreciate everyone for coming out for the workout, and those that joined for breakfast at Catletts afterwards:

Rip Van Winkle
Boss Hog (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Jimmy Neutron
Furdays (Q)
Ruby (R)

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