Pre-Blast 6/10/22: Chopper @ Vets – Kitty Litter Q

When @Worm reached out to secure a Q for tomorrow’s Chopper WO, I jumped at the opportunity to serve this legendary F3 hallowed ground (the last time I was out there, I clumsily & shamefully trampled on the Vets’ Seal after COT!…ouch!). This is my VVQ, or Virgin Vets Q, so I’ll have to bring something that brushes right up against the “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” rule. The final Weinke report has been submitted (along with TPS cover sheet) to Sky-Q for final blessing….but then it’s on. Ignore the “upcoming events” channel showing 0830 startex. That’s what happens when the Site-Q (who’s in Vegas) is too busy paying attention to show girls & roulette wheels to account for the time difference. We’ll start at 0530 and start sweating by 0533. Gloves & Coupons & FNGs please. –KL–

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