Back Blast – Moonshiner – 06/30/2022

Last minute audible to pick up this Q from an ailing Captain Crunchberry. Never fear – went to my stash of pre-planned weinke and grabbed the one that was speaking to me when I made my way towards the car.

PAX – 3G, Virginia Slims, Backflop and Jolly Rancher (Q)

COP – normal stuff, nothing fancy.

Thang – Zach Tellier Hero WOD:

This one always kind of sucks, but for different reasons. It operates like a ladder, and in between the exercises it was a lap around the ball field back to the concession stand which is where we did the work.

  • 10x – Burpees
  • 25x – Merkins
  • 50x – Lunges
  • 100x – Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 150x – Squats

Backflop crushed it as expected. I barely finished my first round of 100x when he was completing his second 100x reps.

A few minutes left for Mary, despite 3G trying to head to the flag early. I called him back and said he was still mine for 2-minutes. I never feel that kind of power and I wasn’t going to let him cheat himself.

COT – normal cadence. Upcoming ruck, #freedtobleed, and F3on3 basketball tournament. Get out and get busy!

Jolly Rancher out!

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