7.5.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Virginia Slims…or “Slims” as I’ve come to affectionally know him, reached out about 4 weeks ago to see if I would grab up the day after Independence Day workout at The Boondocks. Ultimately the answer would be yes but I am one who likes to indulge in the good time festivities that the 4th brings about and it’s usually always a late night for me. After I already committed I thought one of two things would be the case: 1) I would see to it that my 2022 4th would be more tame. Or 2) if the temptation was once again too great to indulge in fellowship, friends, fireworks and well…fireball, well at least I would be there to sweat out the toxins, allowing me to be better equipped to take on my Monday/Tuesday. In a rare moment of restraint the former would be the case. As the extended weekend days were long and the nights were short I hadn’t polished up my wienke like I like to do. Instead I was inspired by Meter Maid’s back blast and figured I’d “wing” it and see how that went.

As I pull into the park about 8 minutes early (another rarity) I was greeted by Slims and his FNG Brad (F3 Otto) who I would find out easily gave in to the EHC after being volun-told by his wife to make it out. Slims said that he didn’t expect a big crowd but I thought three‘s company worked for Jack Tripper so it would be just fine for us. However, literally out of the Gloom and darkness of Peggy Baker Park we hear shuffling of feet. It was Single Source, his rucksack and his two boys LAX and Rogue that made the mile hike from their neighborhood. Next Kitty Litter would roll in followed by a “just in time” Patty. And so it would be. Our magic # for the day would be 8.

Disclaimer was given as well as a little extra coaching from Slims to Otto and off we would go for a mosey on the running path. We would circle up at probably the darkest part of the park for some…

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vagodas, Runners Stretch with some RoL, LoR and Pigeon Stretch. Finished it up with a bit of Michael Phelps before getting into….

A round of BLIMPS: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 IC Mountain Climbers, 20 Merkins, 25 IC Plank Jacks and 30 Squats.

Recover and mosey to the circuit: 3 rounds of All You Gots for about 100 yards, mosey back and 25 Merkins. By the snack shack we would get in 10 Burpees and 20 Dips. Mosey to the cars and got in a round of Steinl’s. Rinse and Repeat…ish.

I would learn at least one thing about each PAX: Virginia Slims is an excellent Site Q and awesome friend. He had flags planted, supplied waters and picked up his buddy Otto to make sure he wasn’t working alone. LAX is an animal and doesn’t quit, Rouge likes D&D, hence the name and Single Source is a great Dad, setting the example to his boys about how to be a HIM. I learned that Otto got off easy with Otto (auto pilot from the movie Airplane-he’s a pilot) cuz we definitely had some good material to choose from. Patty likes working out with bricks and thinks because he got a little sore that 30 must be the new 50. And finally Kitty Litter would school us all on what Boondocks Drydocks are and how to get 10 of em in with good form OYO.

At the end we had about 2 minutes to spare. As I was the Q and could do what I wanted, I had everyone lay on their backs, listen to the song America the Beautiful by Ray Charles and take the time to relax, take some deep breaths and count all of our blessings. 0616 and time was called.

Circled around the flags for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements and said some prayers for Patty’s niece Ada and for Charolais’ continued recovery. Thanked the Sky Q for this fantastic group of men, for allowing us to use our bodies to do something tough and for the prospect of another day.

…Oh, and there was no Katy Perry.

Until next time…


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