BB – The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q – 10/13/22

When it’s 57 degrees, you don’t think it’s gonna feel like winter but today was different. There was a strong breeze pushing leaves the road like snow for the drive into gBoondocks.

There were 4 pax ready to cut through the strong wind to get their work in (Swag, Bulletin (R), Honey Do, and Meter Maid (Q)). Before we started, Swag checked his vehicle and found a jacket.

The disclaimer included a warning of flying debris as well. We moseyed around the track to get warm before stopping for COP. It included Toy Soldiers IC, Strict Runners Stretch and Stuff, and Grass Grabbers IC. To mix it up then threw in 5 WMDs. We moseyed around the baseball snack shop for the main course.

In retrospect, that was a lot of Superman Swimmers. We did 5 sets of EMOM as stated and then the last who flipped the derkins and overhead claps. DORA included music. Had to start the playlist with Beck’s Wow, a LePew favorite.

Moseyed back to the start point. Then concluded with Mary. We did Flutter Kicks IC, Left Only Flutter Kicks IC and Right Only Flutter Kicks. Then moved into Heel Touches IC and Gas Pumps. Held Birds until time was called.

For announcements, we have the StarRuck with Focker on Oct 21 (no camping though) and Convergence at the County Oct 29. Patriot has a challenge this quarter which can earn you patches. Double points for Saturday workouts.

We lifted up our intentions and closed with an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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