BB – 12/3/2022 – The Nest @ The County – Double Pump Q

In attendance: Valdez, JollyRancher, Dauber, HoneyDew, Panel Van, Pawesome (FNG), captain Crunchberry, PCI, Giselle, Devitto and yours truly.

A slightly damp yet mild Saturday morning proved no match for 11 HIMs, including 1 FNG…welcome, Pawesome!

Circled up for the disclaimer, some warmups and then a brisk mosey around the County.

The Thang was “borrowed” directly from one of our Memphis:

Round 1: 0-11 Minutes – 8 burpees, 8 LBCs per minute in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 burpees and 88 LBCs in 11 minutes.

Round 2: 11-22 Minutes – 8 squats, 8 Mountain Climbers in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 squats and 88 Mountain Climbers in 11 minutes.

Round 3: 22-33 Minutes – 8 Merkins, 8 BBS in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 Merkins and 88 BBS in 11 minutes.

Round 4: 33-44 Minutes – 8 Jump Lunges (2=1) and 8 Flutter Kicks (2=1) in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 JL and 88 FK in 11 minutes.

COT followed with announcements and intentions.

Always grateful for the opportunity to lead and participate.


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