Peroni #Backblast at the #Ruiner – 12.1.2018

VQ: Peroni PAX (15): Digiorno, Zartan, Captain Insano, OJ, Buschhhhh, Backdraft, Mayberry, Vincent(R), Tron, Violet, Fergie, Red Roof, Nugget, Wham!, Peroni(Q) “I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite awhile.” COP: Mosey to BB Court 20 Imperial Walkers (IC) 20 SSH (IC) 20 Abe Vigodas (IC) 20 Squats (IC) KendraContinue reading “Peroni #Backblast at the #Ruiner – 12.1.2018”

12.1.2018 Peroni VQ #PreBlast @ #Ruiner

If you like warm and wet come and join me at the O tomorrow morning for my VQ.  Be honest with yourself…who doesn’t like warm and wet, warm being relative of course. I’m going to throw together a workout I learned from some Navy SEAL buddies on the beaches of Coronado.  If you like toContinue reading “12.1.2018 Peroni VQ #PreBlast @ #Ruiner”