Peroni #Backblast at the #Ruiner – 12.1.2018

F3.PNGVQ: Peroni

PAX (15): Digiorno, Zartan, Captain Insano, OJ, Buschhhhh, Backdraft, Mayberry, Vincent(R), Tron, Violet, Fergie, Red Roof, Nugget, Wham!, Peroni(Q)

“I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite awhile.”

Mosey to BB Court
20 Imperial Walkers (IC)
20 SSH (IC)
20 Abe Vigodas (IC)
20 Squats (IC)
Kendra Newmans (sm. front/back, lg. front/back)

Thang 1:
Mosey to Seneca GC, Hole #2
– 35 second interval timer.  When timer goes off, drop and do x7 Merkins.  Repeat until all Pax make it from tee box to green.  Pax went from hole #2 to hole #7 and back to #2.  Approx. # of stops = 40.

First pax to green can/did circle back to 6 and assist with Merkins.

By the time we’re done with Thang #1 everyone’s running w/their arms down (like a RHINO).
~2.5 Miles
Mosey back to BB Courts

Thang 2:
Partner up
– Partner 1 Lunges length of BB Court and Back | Partner 2 Squats
– (Switch and Repeat)

Thang 3:
Mary You-Call-it
Mosey to COT for Announcements and Intentions

Buschhhhhhh brought out a case of Peroni and Peroni Pint Glasses for everyone.  HIMs shared a round of the finest Italian Birra!  Great workout that started wet and ended wetter…

Many thanks to those that endured the sogginess and rain – blessed to be a part of such a great group and thankful to be able to share with all those at my VQ.


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