CRAWL BEARS??? Woof. Incubator BB

15 HIMs braved the coldest WO yet at the Posh for some Crawl Bears, Groiners, and my token 100 SSHs (200 really…)

Time: 530

Temp: 23 degrees

PAX: Kilo, Gypsy, TootTime, Bobross, Star Child, Amelia, Woodstock, Donkey Sauce, Mr. Hat, Boozer, Swifty, Ice Man (respect), Gaucoma, Double Down (respect), and Forced Close (respect)


To get warmed up, we moseyed around the parking lot, then circled up.  I was still a bit chilly, so 100 SSH to start!

·   20 Carolina Dry Docks

·   20 Emereial Walkers

·   15 Chilly Jacks (plank on elbows and do a plank jack)

We weren’t warm enough…  so we lined up along a sidewalk, and bear crawled to a tree, then CRAWL BEARED (backwards bear crawl) back.  Then again to a further tree.  Crawl bears suck, btw.  I had no idea what to do with my feet.  Most guys were champs at this though.

The Thang-

·   Moseyed over to Egg Lawn, where there are 42 light posts surrounding the parameter.  We ran to each one, stopping to do 10 of an exercise, ten times.  Four exercises= 40 light posts.

o Merkins

o Flutters

o Dippins? (Plank facing up, and dip down.  Isolating triceps)

o Groiners (or plankjacks for TootTime)

We moseyed back to the flag for some Mary.  In cadence:

·   20 x Freddie Mercurys

·   10 X American Hammers

·   **Rinse and repeat

Methane wasn’t present, but there was certainly a lot of gas coming from someone during the Mary.  I beleive it was TootTime blowing off STEEM from watching others’ Groiners.



  • There’s still time to bring toys for Uspiritus.
  • We have a 10 mike ruck on 12/29!
  • Q School was very beneficial for fine tuning what we are doing! I’m proud to say most of everything we do is consistent with others
  • Site Qs- thanks Methane, Glaucoma, and Abacus to stepping up!


  • Continued prayers to Ice Mans dad, Kilos uncle who just got diagnosed with cancer

Awesome day boys. Can’t wait for RedRoof’s Q at The Bridge!

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