Burpee Beatdown #Ruiner

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Q: Seabass

Pax: Mayberry, Gillespie, Vincent, Bean Counter, Diablo, Cardinal, Wham!, Captain Insano, Nugget, Zartan, Face, red Roof, Cutlass, OJ, Seabass

It all started with a 13 year old telling us he wasn’t a professional. Yeah, No SH&T. What we didn’t know is that we were about to be crushed by his Weinke on this first Snowfall Post in F3 Louisville history.


20 SSH

15 IW

10 LBCs

All In Cadence. The LBCs were a wake up call. Its gonna be cold on that Tramp Stamp (credit Diablo for that line). The Q called an audible and moved the Pax to Coupon Field. A lot of chatter on the mosey over. So much so that YHC feared the Q may lose control of this one. Well, Seabass took care of the mumble chatter quick.

Thang 1

Bear Crawl Dora 1,2,3

Partner up for this one. Normal Dora is a partner exercise with some running and exercise combo, switching off between P1 and P2. Well, the bear crawl increases the difficulty 10 fold.

P1 Bear crawl to the cones and back (about 15 yards)

P2 does the exercise keeping a running count with totals of

100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs

Well guess what YHC heard after the 2nd bear crawl round….Nothing. Silence. Except for Diablo yelling “Wheeeee” as he slid from line to cone to line. Shoulders were burning and the Pax knew, we have been creating a Monster since June. We did vertical snow angels while waitig for the 6 (SSH, thanks, Zartan)

Thang 2

4 cones were set up for a Burpee Breakdown. Inspired by part of “the dumbest thing we’ve ever done”

Separate into 5 groups.

Group 1- 5 squats

Group 2- 5 Groiners

Group 3- 5 Merkins

Group 4- 5 Squat jumps

Group 5- 5 Burpees

Between each station the pax will Lunge, after the burpees, lunge back to the beginning. These exercise were performed as a waterfall from 5 down to 1 of each on the last round.

Thang 3

Then we circled up for something new for the Pax, 21s. The Q will do 21 SSH. The pax will count, in cadence, out loud to 5 and then from 6 to 21 on their own. If any of the Pax finishes off pace with the rest, its a punishment. The Q chose 5 burpees. We rotated the lead count and did more SSH, gas pumps, Merkins, IW and mountain climbers. Let’s just say we only kept the count correct for 1 of them. And the consequences were rotated from merkins to LBCs to Burpees. At this point, it was time for some fun…we thought.

Thang 4

The Pax had seen the football from the start and knew we were going to play some Burpee Football.

The rules are simple: Ultimate Frisbee rules, but if the ball hits the ground, everyone does 2 burpees. YHC can confirm, the ball hits the ground a lot. Like, a hell of a lot. The Pax had stopped caring who won, and decided they just were tired of burpees. I counted that we did 4000 burpees, but some disagreed and we settled on at least 50 during the game.

Side note, I was unaware when the teams split up that Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were a part of the Pax. At least 4 burpees were saved by Gillespie’s sure hands. Complete with a football move to confirm all rulings on the field. As the ground shook from Zartans diving attempt, CI clinched victory with his pass break up. Gotta go through your progressions, RR.

We slowly, moseyed to the flag.


We stated intentions for Zartan’s uncle, all those without power and any other intentions held to ourselves. Announcements about Tailspin fest and bracelets for sale. YHC spoke of the appreciation from the 13 other Pax supporting Seabass’ Q today and contributing to the HIM he is becoming.

Naked Moleskin

Proud Dad moment today. YHC couldn’t have felt better about a young man showing the skills to develop into a man. He doesn’t have all the skills yet, but he is nurturing the right ones by emulating the HIM of this Pax. Seabass has close to 40 posts, 3 Qs and even posts on days off of school. And let me remind you, he is 13. I never had the drive of this young man at his age. Never would’ve been up at that hour. He is definitely a 2.0, and upgrade from what I am. And for that I thank all of you in F3 Louisville for your impact.


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