2.1.18 BO: PreRuck with Val

Like most stupid things YHC says it happened while sipping a fine single barrel bourbon and texting with some PAX members. I wish I could share a screen grab of the conversation but I really really can’t. Here is at least what I said.

This was followed by a couple HCs and gifs about how equally stupid those guys are or were or will be. Whatever.

Pretty straight forward B.B.

PAX: OJ, Captain Insane-o, Face & Zartan

Conditions: it was amazing

Attire for Zoo: OJ was sleeveless and no one had pants on. Use your imagination

We did the hilly hood loop for the second time in so many weeks and fear/love that this may happen again soon. “Hey anyone want to do something stupid on Saturday?”

Val or Kilmer or 60lb Ruck sand bag accompanied us for a sub 15 minute 2 mile loop with hills to boot.

It looks like this on my phone

After, YHC said heartfelt goodbyes to avoid something that must have been brewing deep inside one of the other PAX while we Rucked, headed to Mutt for RedRoofs Burpeecide WO and was awarded with two slightly bleeding knees after that bad boy. Read his B.B. They are always good.

YHC Zartan

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