2/1 BB @theHUE – Coyotes and a Skunk but no Q??

As I pulled into an empty parking lot I was wondering what Glauc had in mind for this morning? I mean who doesn’t want to look like a less green version of the hulk? Minutes later 2 sets of headlights emerged from the dark as Little Jerry’s time machine pulled up chauffeuring Double Down and Cutlass (not in a Cutlass) was right on his tail.

DD hopped out of the time machine and asked me if I had been on slack yet this morning. I’ve heard stats that say the loss of work due to NCAA brackets is some astronomical #. It occurred to me that Slack/F3 has it beat easily, but I digress.

At 5:11 am scheduled Q suggested we hit the O or Mutt for our Post today. No Q, no worries, no problem. Cutlass and I double teamed it today pulling from past HUE events. PAX – Cutlass, DD (R), Little Jerry (R) and Vincent.

We left the parking lot and took the long way to the fitness loop. Shortly after we made our way past the first turn a headlamp illuminated my worst nightmare – a skunk in the dark. No warning smell and fortunately it rambled off unaffected by our presence.

Thang 1. We used the fitness loop for a variety of Merkins, pull ups, dips, squats, step ups, LBC’s, flutter kicks, scissor lunges and even tried the monkey bars. Why was that easier when we were kids? Again I digress.

Thang 2. We moseyed to the tennis courts for a 5/1 Suicide burpee, Lt. Dan 1/4 ratio Starchild jump squats / lunge walks across the courts. Made it to 10/40. We finished up with DaVinci sit-ups / LBC’s, again in 1 to 4 ratio. That is when we heard the howling and barking. No sightings of the threat but they were out there in the dark.

At this point It was 6:14 so we circled up in the safety of the fenced courts for intentions/ prayers. Mentioned our brethren who have lost loved one recently and have them in our prayers.

Working out at 5:30 AM is the challenge so a wrinkle here and there is not a problem. HIM’s improvise and get it done!! SYITG

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