Backblast 02/15/18, “The Temple of Doom” #thisishowwedoit #TTT #callmemaybe?


QIC: Glauc (VQ @ temple of doom)

PAX: Starchild, Nino, Swifty, Vincent (R), Santana, Butcher, Kilo, Loco, PK, Zartan, OJ, Double Down(R), Pope , Little Jerry(R),  Jordy, Tea Bag(R), Glen Ross, Gillespie, Ant Man, Insano, Diablo

Gotta make this short and sweet… a few notables.

Swifty brought the sun with his guns today.  I needed blinders on when he strolled up with those guns blazing.  At least we know he doesn’t Fake Bake it.

Pope wore clothes.. surprising, I know

Kilo did not wear tighty whites. Think we were all grateful for that. Thank you kilo.

Zartan decided to make his sleevless tee shirt…… with a pair of kids scissors, in the dark, probably after he had two sminorff ice.

Mosey around short end of track (from tennis courts and back essentially, the short loop) I’ll refer to this as “the short loop” from now on.  mixed in Butt Kicks, Kendra Newmans, and high steps around.  Might as well do that while running, right?

COP:  20 SSH (IC), 15 Cherry Pickers (IC), 10 Merkins (single count), 40 shoulder taps (single count

Thang 1) “This is how we do it” 3:45. SSH through the entire song, everytime there was a “This is how we do it”  burpee time.  I have no idea how many burpess we did, I would think 500 or so

Thang 2) Leg time. “Uptown Funk” 4:28  one tennis court used,  Lunge from one side to the other.  On one side, 7 Courtsey Lunges (Deep anton ono’s).  The other side, 7 air squats to tippy toes.  AMRAP, for the entire song

Thang 3) Upper body “Regulators”  4:07  with coupon, merkin from one side to the other. (Each side is one) x 7,  14 curls (with coupon), 14 bent over rows (with coupons).  Shew those curls

Run the short loop (pushing it , no mosey)

thang 4) Core work.  “Lord I need You” 3:25 . First minute (ish) Merkin rows on right side. second minute (ish) Merkin rows left side.  last 1:15  Floyd money mayweathers.

“Call Me maybe”  The random song generator pull this one out of its hat.  Side Elbow plank, right side, for 1st minute ish. Side elbow plank, left side, second minute (ish).  finish remaining 1:15 of song with ankle bitters.

“Ring of fire” 2:35.  LBC’s (with legs on ground) the entire song.  When the word “fire” is said in the song do a big boy sit up.

Run the short loop

The grand finale (a repeat from my last posh q grand finale)

“What a beautiful Name” 3:58  Elbow plank main verses, @ chorus go to high plank and do a merkin at key points during song (Wonderful, powerful, beautiful, jesus) holding high plank the whole time during chorus.   This is not easy. Try it.

It was fun.. and I enjoyed my vq at the O.

COT:  Prayers for the students/ families of those involved in shootings in FL.  Prayers to all those sick with health, mental or physical issues.  Many shout outs today for those suffering with cancer or maybe a recent divorce.  I reminded the PAX that through the ups and downs of life let us always know that there is someone guiding the way, looking over us.

I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Glauc OUT!

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