3/3/18 BackBlast for #TheHurt at #TheMutt


Q: Diablo

PAX: (21) Geppetto, Grinder, Noxeema Jackson, Gamecock, Fatone, Digiorno, Gamer, Blue Meth, Old Bay, Franz (FNG), Wham-O, Backdraft, Spreadsheet, Mouth, Zartan, Bumblebee, Tiger, Waterboy, Fridge, Snowman, Diablo.

Well, the kid here Rucked with Zartan, et al., Monday morning. That was fun. But, there were then shin splints; and a sinus infection; and work; and 2.0 duties; and, no posts. I mean, I took the garbage cans to the curb Tuesday night, and one of the wheels is broken. So, it was harder than it should have been. What’s that Zoolander? Yes, in Jeffersontown, sometimes our trash cans get dirty and malfunction. That counts for something I think—I certainly whined about it. (All I noticed this morning in St. Matthews were tax dollars at work. Didn’t see one dirty or broken trash can. Who cleans them? Is the trash itself already clean? Rank economic disparity, exemplified by refuse bins. Am I still a Republican?) I also drank more bourbon than water this week. Isn’t that the AMA suggested elixir for a sinus funk? Or am I just a sucker for the distillers’ marketing regimen? Regardless, I awoke this morning to Q at The Hurt, feeling better, somewhat hydrated, and knowing I could open the full bag of Diablo tricks for a 60 minute beatdown. As Dalton said, Pain Don’t Hurt.  Here’s what we did:

Easy mosey around the school to warm up with:

SSHs – 30 (IC)
Groiners – 15 (IC)
Copperhead Squats – 20
Split Jacks – 20 (IC)
SSHs – 15 (Silent Cadence)

A Little Run

PAX counted off to reveal 21 strong. That seemed a perfect number for a single-file Indian Run through the neighborhood. I’m not sure the length of the run, but it was long enough for all PAX to have at least one opportunity to sprint past 20 of their friends.

Thang 1

PAX partnered up. With his partner, each HIM did 1 merkin, and ran to the other side of the parking lot, where each HIM did 1 burpee with his partner. Then ran to the other side for 2 merkins, and then ran to the other side for 2 burpees. PAX repeated this pattern until a final round of 11 merkins and 11 burpees. This was hard. But, having a partner provided accountability and good mumblechatter.

Thang 2

PAX moseyed over to the coupons, where each HIM grabbed a coupon. It was then a Diablo Circle of Pain:

Copperhead Squats with Coupon (10)
Split Lunges with Coupon (20)
T Merkins (10)
Overhead Presses with Coupon (10)
Overhead Presses with Coupon (10)
Overhead Presses with Coupon (10)
Coupon Swings (15)
Coupon Swings (15)
Sumo Squats with Coupon (10)
Sumo Squats with Coupon (10)

PAX then took a quick lap around the school for the final round. (Quick is a subjective term at this point.)

Thang 3

Diablo version of Mary, which, yes, involves coupons:

LBCs (30 IC)
American Hammers with Coupon (15 IC)
American Hammers w/o Coupons (15 IC)
Rosalitas (20 IC)
Rosalitas with Coupons (20 IC)
Davinci’s with Coupons (10)
Big Boy Set Ups (25)

Is it sick that I was smiling like an idiot when all PAX were laid out on their backs at the end of this? Don’t answer that.

PAX circled up for a count, Name-o-Rama, and intentions. FNG Franz thought our workout before this morning “girly man,” thus his kraut name. (Truth be told he more than held his own so be forewarned.) I thanked the Sky-Q for a beautiful morning, asked for attention to all prayers, spoken and unspoken, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be with the PAX. I’ve said this previously, but the HIMs of F3 inspire me in some way everyday. This morning was no exception.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of This.

– Diablo




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