3/15/19 Shelby County/MLCH @F3VilleBlackOps Preblast – CI Q #getbetter

YHC (Captain Insane-o) has the Q for the Shelby County Black Op at Martha Layne Collins High School.  Two things:

1.  I encourage you to read about Martha Layne Collins.  Regardless of your politics, she is a very important figure in modern Kentucky history.  Getting Toyota to invest in Kentucky, alone, is a significant accomplishment.

2. We’re going to work.  Hard.  If you want to, that is.  This workout will be you v. you.

So, lace up your shoes, wear a tank top if you want (it is Thursday, remember.  I assume tank tops are allowed in Shelby County?), and be ready.

Who:  All Pax, far and wide, who know where the heck this is (directions below; no excuse now).  I’m driving a clown car out there; meet at 04:45 in the Thorton’s at US 42 and 22 (zero excuses now).

What:  A beatdown

When:  3/15/19 at 0530

Where:  MLCHS Here’s a handy LINK

How:  Through pure indomitable will

Why:  Because MLC would do it.


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