The Bridge @ the Posh Backblast 3/14

There were 11 HIMs who made up the PAX this am ITG @ the Posh. The PAX: Star Child, Methane, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Pew Pew, Grave Digger, Brokeback, Bob Ross, Gypsy, Boozer, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Despite the snow on the ground and ice on the sidewalks, we braved through it. It was my first gender reveal party, but this one didn’t include cutting a cake. So here we go. The fun started when I asked how many thought the baby is a boy. Three HIMs raised their hands. So we did three BOYOs.

10 imperial walkers
20 Annies
30 overhead claps
40 mountain climbers
50 SSHs

Mosey to the other big parking lot. Asked again how many thought the baby is a boy. Since one HIM showed up later, he wasn’t there for the original question. He also guessed boy. So we did four BOYOs. I won’t say who was late but his initials are Bob Ross.

The ones who thought it was a boy stayed back and did BOYOs until relieved. The girl group ran to the end, did 10 gas pumpers and ran back. The groups switched. This fun went on for about 6-7 minutes.

Then an Abacus favorite. Everyone held plank in a circle, and we counted to 60 counterama style. Rest. Did it again, this time counting to 90. Then 120. Little Jerry decided to be funny (or he tried to be) and prolonged his moment in the spotlight by taking his time saying his number.

Mosey to the Gheens Foundation Lodge. Boy group did Dwight Howards until relieved. Girl group ran to the stop sign & back. This went on for about 5 minutes.

Then we circled up and did some Mary/yoga work to close it out.

I can’t thank my F3 brothers enough for your prayers during this time. The M and I are thrilled to be expecting our first child. Mrs. Hat is carrying a GIRL! Much praise & thanks to the Sky Q!

Hat out!

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