3/20 Backblast from 1st Tues Workout @ SC

Arrived at MLC site this morning @ 05:10 to find that BananaBread was there ready to go.  Leading my first Q I was excited to get things setup.  I drove around to front of school where the yard dash markers where laid out on the asphalt and placed the two cones 100 yards apart.  I circled back as the men showed up. (Q-Grandpa Bear; Banana Bread; Elmer; Spokey Doke; Shuttlecock; and Glauc representing with the shovel and flag)…T18 was nowhere to be found or heard from

  • It was a nice wet 35 degrees as we began to mozy on time.  We ran a short distance before entering into our first CoP.  There we did some Freddy arm circles, grass grabbers, side straddle hops, Imperial Walkers, Merkins.
  • We then mozy’d a short piece before doing 10 burpees.
  • Making our way to the first cone we paired up to do a cycle of Dora 1,2,3 – 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats,
    • Proud of SC as everyone pushed hard (Thanks Glauc for keeping the bar raised)
  • We mozy’d a short piece before lining up to do a short Indian Line run to the backside of the school (I’ll work on my Q a little better next time, as my directions left some men wandering.)
  • We ended up in the parking lot with a parking curb on one side and a curb on the opposite side to reflect back on when Glauc got my name Grandpa Bear.  We bear crawled back and forth performing Merkins starting at 1 working up to 5.  (This is where I have to work on my time as Q)  Not knowing how long it was going to take everyone we could have pushed through to at least 7 or 8 Merkins).
  • We finished up with pushing ourselves to do as many bench step ups as possible.
  • Upon completed we began to mozy back to the flag.  @BananaBread got a second wind and pushed the PAX to sprint it out.

Back at the flag we finished with an Al Gore while reviewing the core principles.  Thanks @Glauc for backing me up.  Finished up early so I promise to make it up on the next Q.  Circled in CoT for intensions and prayer.   SC is looking for opportunity to get F3 involved in community.  Thanks guys for support and good workout.


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