3/28 The Mutt Back blast #the blender

If you read my Pre-blast, I mentioned that every time I look at the forecast and it’s calling for rain, I feel like Mr. Garvey when A-Aron or DeNise doesn’t answer when he’s calling roll.  Needless to say the rain was steady this morning supplying me with plenty of pent up rage to dish out for those that would brave said conditions at La Mutt.

Q – OJ

PAX: Grinder, Glen Ross, Bernie, Sump Pump, PED, Trump, Scratch, Who Dey, Old Bay, Left Eye, Zima, Pope.

We started COP right there at the flags (new Blender flag is A-mazing btw)

20 Hillbillies IC

20 Abe Vigotas IC

20 SSHs IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC (mumblechatter rumblings here)

20 Merkins IC 😊

Thang 1 – Native American run down Leland with a left at St. Matts Ave, and another left at Brookfield taking us back to the school.  Person in the back would do two burpees and sprint to the front.

Thang 2 Partner up along the side of the parking lot

P1: Runs to the school, finds the curb and does 10 incline merkins (slow tempo and form was suggested here, no comprende for Pope)

P2: Lunges AMRAP

P1: Runs to the school, finds the curb for 10 decline merkins

P2: Holds Plank

P1: Runs to the school for 10 regular merkins

P2: Groiners AMRAP

Thang 3 grab coupon and circle up

Back in November I tried something that I knew would be difficult just to see where we stood and how far we could go.  We tried a modified Block Webbzzzzz with a coupon press to curl ¼ ratio up to 10/40.  We made it to 7/28 that day and coupons were hitting the floor everywhere.  I distinctly remember Trump saying “you do a lot of dumb things when you Q and this is one of them.”

FF to today, I apologized to the PAX that I always knew I’d revisit this at some point.  Just didn’t know it’d be today.  I told the PAX that we’d go until we failed and when you could go no longer, just substitute for Coupon Squats.

After a couple of brief breaks to catch our breath, I’m happy to say that the strong PAX of La Mutt successfully completed the full round of this beast of a coupon workout.  We made it all the way to 10/40, totaling 55 Coupon presses and 220 Coupon Curls (WOOOOOOF).

Mary – We headed to the nice covered Portico for this portion (the rain was really coming down at this point)

20 Box Cutters IC

20 Pretzel Crunches IC (10 on each leg – thanks to Vincent for this awesome exercise)

20 Dying Cockroaches IC (because of course)

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Freddie Mercuries IC

Pfeifer Kicks on my count (this was for Zartan who didn’t make it, 😕)

With about 6 minutes to spare we took the reverse Native American run we had done earlier back to the flags, no burpees this time, just a nice brisk pace.  Props to everyone here, strong work Grinder.

Back to the flags and to finish us out I called for 10 BOYOs. Times up.


I gave thanks to the Sky Q for bringing these HIMs out in terrible conditions to support me.  You can actively see on everyone’s faces how much this group means to each person.  Prayers to those traveling next week and for those unspoken.  I always enjoy Q’ing at the Mutt, maybe next time I Q it won’t be raining, just kidding of course it will be.

Until next time


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