Carpenter Back Blast – 3/27/18 – Red Roof Q Template


Red Roof Back Blast Summary Notes:

  • Insert creative, funny and ironic banter here. (many many laughs – try to goad Star Pickle into posting a meme)
  • Apologize for being a day late on the back blast.
  • Insert comment about tank tops. (4 total) – (goad Zoolander into commenting about how good we probably look in tanks)
  • Insert comment about Tron running to/from the AO.  (Note: check on Tron’s mental well being)
  • Mention the hill being tough and long (‘that’s what she said joke’ appropriate here)


QIC:  Red Roof

Pax (11 total):  Holiday Inn, Nickelback, Captain Insane-o, Flo Jo, Tron, Ship Lap, Newman, Mad Cow, DoDoDoDoDo, Methane


  • SSH x20
  • Arm Circles x10 each arm
  • Merkins x15
  • Copperhead Squats x15

Thang #1: Triple Nickle up and down yet-to-be-named hill.  5 Bobby Hurleys at the bottom, 5 Merkins at the top…..5 times  (5+5+5)  (Insert comment about this being really tough but Newman still killing it.  Glad to have him back!)

Mary you-call-it while we caught our breath

Thang #2: Mosey to pick up coupons and then to big parking lot to reset a Sauerkraut beatdown.

  • 5 coupon thrusters – run up and back
  • 5 thrusters + 10 curls – run up and back
  • 5 thrusters + 10 curls + 15 swings – run up and back
  • 5 thrusters + 10 curls + 15 swings + 20 squats – run up and back
  • Unpack it set by set back to the 5 thrusters (insert comment about Flo Jo not having lost a step in all of these years.  Also find way to incorporate Sir-Mix-A-Lot Baby got Back reference)



  • Announcements and Intentions.
  • Don’t forget to write about how these HIM’s get me out of bed every morning and help me to be a better man in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Prayers to Sky Q and out.


~Red Roof



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