4/2 Incubator Backblast 13 PAX 2 FNG KiloQ


If you’re like me, and you’re home for Spring Break you’ve likely felt this way ^.  Seems like 90 F3Louisville PAX along with Ms and 2.0s traveled south to the FloraBama line or somewhere within the Destin area.  Some are staying together in one big F3Louisivlle house together, where you must burpee w/ clap to get a beer.  Some are tanking all week (CI, and Wham).  All of this 2rdnsd F had me jealous until I arrived in the Gloom this morning.


I have to be honest I normally dont get nervous for a Q, however last night a couple surprises were dropped on my platter.  1st StarChild sent across the slack waves that KY was going to post at the Incubator.  His exact words were “Kilo, dont F*** it up”.  Ok, I’ve been wanting to meet KY for quite sometime, was excited to learn he was posting at my Q, but this added pressure to my weinke.  I wanted to make it perfect.  Next, one of my great buddies whom I’ve known since Beechmont tee ball days, finally decided to get out of the fart sack and post (Welcome Piggy).   Woof!


So here we have it, F3 emotion rollercoster.  SadClown jealous I’m not posting not he beach and doing burpees for beers.  I was nervous for this Q until the clock hit 05:30 and it was game time.  Adrenaline running through my veins like CI runs through GoRuck shipments.  I was pumped, energy level maxed out, i had 2 FNGs and the GodFather to put through a Incubated beatdown.  Happy Monday and welcome to the Incubator.



KIloQ, MacAfee, Glauc, Gillespie, KY, Boozer, Swifty, Huggies, Nino, Slippers, StormTrooper, Kushy (FNG), Piggy (FNG)



20 Mtn climbers
20 imperial walkers
20 SSH

All American Run (back of line person does 1 burpee before sprinting to front)  to coupon bridge. Long way.

Partner up

P1 Burppe Suicide.  SPREAD OUT FAR!!!!!!!

Cone 1. 1 burpee
Cone2. 2 burpee
Cone3. 3 burpee
Cone4. 4 burpee



Bottom of bridge 20 thrusters

Top of Bridge 20 curls

Other side of bridge 20 squats

Back across the bridge

Flap jack with your partner


Mosey back to flag for:

Ab o Rama (full LBC, LBC, rt leg LBC, lt Leg LBC, Big Marge, feet on ground LBC, Rt plank hip dips, Lt plank hip dips, Full LBC)

20 count all the way through

10 count all the way through


Merkin water fall (Woof)

10 merkins, 10 count plank, 9 merkins 9 count plank……………1 merkin 1 count plank

merkin ladder (Woof)

1 merkin 1 count plank…………………..10 merkins 1 count plank


It was 06:12 YHC DOES NOT FINISH EARLY even though PAX was smoked.

20 squat box jumps IC

10 incline Merkins IC




Now that Ive regained feeling in my arms i can type out this BB.


COT where i secretly placed KY in the 6 spot so we could all hear his story.  (Not really it just worked out that way which was perfect)  I think i can speak for everyone in F3Louisville when i say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!  Aye!

Name a couple FNGs, KY brought out his cousin after an EH over Easter dinner last night.  Some how he’s compared to Jarred Kushner so we got Kushy!  He lives within a rocks throw to the posh so hope to see him back out ASAP.  Second FNG, has a long story about getting a scar on his arm that i was apart of and is an excellent story.  Ill leave it vague for you to ask him about it but his name is (Piggy).


Prayers were lifted for those on SB to be safe in travels and on the beach with sandbags (all my love Val, protect my boys).  A child battling cancer, for Abacus and Mrs. Abacus, a friend of KY battling addiction.   Thanked the SkyQ for health and F3 and we were on our way to Coffetera.

Panera Coffeteria

Kilo, Glauc, Huggies, Piggy, KY



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