Star Child’s #F3lorabama BB

I had no clue what I was going to do, o clue who would show up, and no idea that Wham! would be wearing the most majestic #tank ever.

But I knew it would be a hard workout. As I searched for the right location, somewhere in between the Pax that are down in Florida/Alabama area, I scoped out Google Maps and found an awesome pier, open 24/7. Perfect, except I didn’t account for the 100 fishermen, 2000 bird droppings, and layers of fish slime. But hey, when in Rome.

PAX: Wham!, Kidnapper Van, Star Child, Deuce, Mayberry, Digiorno, and FLOUNDER (FNG).

Pictures courtesy of Wham! So good you can almost smell the fish guts.


Ran to the end of the pier.

30 SSH

20 IW

20 Merkins

20 something else I told them to do

Thang 1- well, I thought I had a good idea. Split up in three groups, and we have one group relieve another, hopscotching all the way to the beginning of the pier. Well, I still don’t know how I messed it up, but one group did 5 burpees, then was supposed to relieve another group doing dips, then they relieve the last group doing incline Merkins. Basically we dodged fishermen while KV tried to explain how I fucked it all up.

Back at the entrance of the pier, we moseyed to the end, stopping at every light for some squats and lunges. Then moseyed back half and AYG the last half.

Once back, we decided that 45 mins wasn’t enough so we ran up and down the entrance area (pretty good incline), splitting up in two groups. One did an exercise at the top while the other half did another at the bottom. We did all the fun things…. burpees, walking pushups, groiners, etc.

After that, we wrapped up with Mary.

Shaun Adams agreed to join our misery while drinking a little last night. I’m glad he did. I wasn’t sure his name until I saw a sign on the pier which listed all the types of fish normally caught there. Flounder sounded better than Pompano.

PAX, welcome Flounder!

Ok, time for mimosas.


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