04.05.18 – BackBlast #Extender The Balboa Edition

Q: Zima

4 HIMS: Grinder, Steerage, Noxema Jackson, and Wham-O

Warm-Up: Lap around HT and bring it together for COT in the back.  COT: All in cadence, except YHC is not great at counting and exercising.  Back Slappers, Kendra Newmans, Air Presses, Imperial Walkers, Mario’s in place,  Grass Grabbers,  High Knees, Butt Kickers, and Hurdlers.

Time was precious this morning as YHC planned a giant 34 minute Tabata so we got right to it.  This being the Balboa Edition,  I queue up all the best songs from Rocky 1-4.  I considered one from Creed, but it who really thinks that’s a Rocky movie?

Tabata: Four circuits – 45 seconds in motion with 15 second rest for each exercise. One minute rest between sets.  Exercises: Burpees, Squats, Spidermans, BB Sit-Ups, Jumping Lunges, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers and Side Straddle Hops

My internal monolog (less many many curse words):

Round 1:  “OK, those spidermans are going to be tough, but overall not too bad.  My legs are burning from the jumping lunges.  Loving the Rocky Montage.  I wonder if everyone else likes it?”

Round 2: “Warming up now.  My burpees are spot on this morning.  Damn, time for more spidermans.  Just get to 12 and it should be close to the end….16, 17, WTF?   The tunes are rolling now.  [Internal singing] Hearts on Fire, strong desire rages deep within…. What scene was that?  I’m totally out of breath after the lunges.  Hammers suck when you can’t breathe.  Thank God I threw these Side Straddle Hops in here.  Where’s the damn bell?”

Round 3:  “Not bouncing up quite as easily this time.  This song is forevvver long.  Get to the good stuff from Rocky IV.  Spidermans may not have been my best call….15, 16, come on bell!  [Internal singing] Legs on fireeee, dew dew dew dew.  Holy hell, this is awful.  Bell.  These 15 second rests are really short.  Hammers.  Get your feet off the ground!  It hurts.  James Brown is awesome.  Bell.  Yes.  Time for hops.  Bell.  Can I just lay down?”

Round 4: “Here comes the real stuff (Rocky theme song begins).  Really?  Only got eight burpees that time.  Spidermans…noooooo.  Grunt 1.  Grunt 2.  Grunt 3…  Sit-ups have become more of an upper body lunge.  OMG, who’s idea was it to jump and lunge?  Not so much jumping anymore.  What is that i hear?  Eye of the Tiger.  I got this.  Damn, the last song ended 30 seconds early.  Need to adjust the rest period for perfect alignment.  Wow, that was way harder than I thought. Is that blood I taste?  Oh well.  It’s over”

Tabata concluded at 6:14and some change.  Pax moseyed back to the flag.  Announcements: @Grinder and Zima will co-Q a Black Ops at Norton Commons tomorrow.  @Steerage is in.  Intentions:  Prayers for our brothers on the road.  Sky Q:  Thank you for bringing us together and making us all better.

[Q gets in car.  Still can’t catch breath.  Craps thunder!]



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