BB: 04/05 Bayside: HIMS set their “Soul on Fire”

A day behind on this one.

Personally, March/ April has been some of the toughest conditions to post in.  Windy, Wet… 30 degrees. Sucks.  So to wake up and it be 28 degrees, and no wind and dry actually felt nice.  As the PAX can attest, we were glad it was 28 degrees by the end of this one.

Glauc Q  , Spokey Doke (R), Shuttlecock (R), PK, Elmer

Mosey to COP

COP:  12 Cherry Pickers (IC) , Hamstring Hold (10 sec waterfall count for all PAX), 12 Abe Vigota (IC)

“Soul On Fire” –  Play the entire song,  SSH through song, on every “soul on fire”  do a burpee.. Turns out the SSH are the toughest part of this.  15 Burpees intermingled.

10 T Merkins

Run to “Front” of school

“Day-O” Harry Bellafonte – Start @ side walk , 7 Derkins.. Run (about 25 yards) to painted cross, 7 copperhead squats.. run back.  Rinse and repeat the entire song.

“Lord I need You”  Merkin rows R (first minute)  Merkin Rows L (second minute) , Money Mayweathers (Last minute 15 sec)

“Brother”  NeedtoBreathe – Start @ sidewalk, 7 T Merkins.  Run (to same designated area as above – 25 yards)  8 Curtsey Lunges.. run Back.. Rinse and repeat the entire song

10  Big Boy situps, 40 LBC

Phone battery died … Grrr

10:40 ratio with Preppy coupons (starting at 5:20 – 10:40)  squat with forward raise  (the lower number)  to Curls (the higher number) Actually a great workout for your back to keep good posture and a burner for the bi’s.

Run Back to the flag:

mini ab o rama :  20 LBC (legs on ground) , 20 LBC,  20 LBC (right leg out), 20 LBC (Left leg out) , 20 Big marge LBC, 20 Full LBC.

Announcements for April 21 convergence and men’s breakfast after post on Saturday Am.

Prayers to the sky Q and all those traveling over Spring Break.

Glauc OUT


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