Back Blast #BlackOps #NortonCommons House of Cards

Q’s: Grinder and Zima

Pax: (9) Slippers, Glenn Ross, Pope, Noxeema Jackson, Plethora, Mr. Hat, Steerage, Zima, Grinder

YHC has woke up ready to go this morning.  Out the door at 4:54 for a short commute to Norton Commons.  Maybe a little too ready.  Spent the next 20 minutes a brand new deck of cards.  Do, do do, do do do.  Do Do.  At 5:27 am there was one car on site and my co-Q wasn’t here yet.  I wouldn’t begrudge @Grinder for fart-sacking.  The man has been an animal all week picking slack for Spring Breakers.  On the other hand, I had no idea how I was going to fill the time.  I break out into song as I see a caravan coming up the street, “They’ll be coming around the mountain when they come, “….and one minute later we had nine HIMS on the ground, including my co-Q.

We mosey to a lovely patch of grass nearby and I am surprised there is no frost and it is somewhat dry.   Conditions were pleasant, 43F and clear.  1mph wind from NNE.  I confirmed it with my thumb.   COT: Grass Grabbers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Digorno’s, Imperial Walkers, Abe Begodas and maybe one more.  We were ready to go and Grinder had the stick for the first half.  

To the loop.  Grinder had scouted our .41 mile loop around Meeting St. to determine there were 10 or 11 light poles around the circle.  We were to mosey around and start with 10 burpees at the first light pole and then count down as we made our way around.  That’s 55 burpees for anyone keeping score at home.  I asked Pope how he modified his burpees to get 150 in 10 minutes.  He said he employed the Kenyan method, “Start with reckless abandonment and hang on for dear life”.  He also informed me there was a guy on YouTube doing 100 burpees in 3 minutes.  It’s for real  And that form!  #goals

Lap two, same drill except we are doing Copperhead Squats with a jump.  We discovered there were actually 11 light poles, so 66 squats.  Second lap done and now it is my turn.  

Moseyed back to the patch we found earlier and it is time for Cardarama.  For those who have not played, you pick a card and do said number of reps for that card’s value.  Ace =14; King =13, Queen = 12, etc, etc. etc.  

Clubs = Burpees

Diamonds = Merkins

Spades – BB Sit Ups

Hearts = One leg squats (now called Flamingo’s)

I think we got a deck of face cards.  Halfway through, the Pax were questioning my ability to read the cards.  Two cards later, I was questioning my ability to read the cards.   Went a little long, but these HIMS were in for the Full Monty.  

Cards done and another 104 burpees in the books.  That’s 159 burpees for this crew.  #wearestrong

Circle up for announcements and intentions.  Prayers for all of our brothers traveling home this weekend.  Grinder closes us out with some words of wisdom and we head out. I glance at the cards one more time and realize those eights look a lot like Queens.  The lesson here is don’t ask your ten year old to grab you a deck of cards you’ll be trying to read in the dark.  Star Wars playing cards have weird fonts.  

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