Back Blast: Bayside 4/7 — Reserve Capacity

An April snowstorm makes for a great back drop for your VQ. Being out in those conditions helps you understand how much you really want to get better. Spring break and weather kept the numbers light, but we didnt back down from the challenge.

Banana Bread Q , Glaucoma, Shuttlecock (R), Six Pack

Mosey to COP with a few arm circles and high knees to get loose.

COP: 50 SSH (IC), 25 Cherry Pickers (IC), 25 Copperhead Squats (IC), and 50 SSH(IC)

Mosey to Front of school

Dora 1-2-3:
100 Incline Merkins
200 Dips
300 Air squats
Partner runs across parking lot in Super Mario and returns in the same form.

Short mosey for some coupon work

Coupon sets: (x3 sets)
20 bicep curls
20 shoulder press
20 tricep press

This last part I named “reserve capacity”. I design refrigerators for a living (it’s a cool job) and having a little reserve capacity helps make sure you can always get across the finish line when the fridge gets stressed. F3 helps me generate a little reserve capacity in my own life.

Reserve Capacity:

Indian Run:

two pass throughs – 25 merkins
Two more pass throughs – 50 squats
Two more pass throughs – 100 SSH

Indian run ended at the flag

Name o rama and announcements/intentions to finish. A successful first Q experience.

– Banana Bread

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