Backblast 4/7 – Christmas in April at #theHurt

4 PAX in attendance for this morning’s beatdown: Wham-O, Zima, Miyagi, and Grinder (Q).  Upon exiting the car this morning, YHC knew this wouldn’t be an easy one.  I’d grown accustomed to some more moderate temps throughout the week, so the freezing rain, snow, and high winds left a lot to be desired.  Luckily there were plenty of Christmas in April presents for everyone to take our minds off the weather.

First was a warm-up of SSHs, AVs, IWs, Hammy Stretches, Finkle Stinks, Monday Mornings, Moroccan Nightclubs, and DiGiornos.

We then grabbed coupons and spent the next 35+ minutes doing a non-stop circuit around the school, doing 4 laps in total.  Cones were set up at 7 locations around the building and the progression went something like this:

1st Cone: 20 Overhead Presses (descending sets each lap: 20, 15, 10, 5), carry coupon to 2nd Cone

2nd Cone: 20 Curls (descending sets each lap: 20, 15, 10, 5), drop coupon, mosey to 3rd Cone

Between 3rd-4th Cones: Inchworm – PAX line up head-to-toe in plank position, PAX in back jumps up, sprints to front of line and back into plank position until full distance had been covered.

Between 4th-5th Cones: Prisoner Run (aka my new most favorite thang in the world. Thanks, Old Bay)

Between 5th-6th Cones: Extended Bear Crawl, finishing with 20 Squats, mosey to 7th cone

Between 7th-1st Cones: Lunge Walk

Before carrying coupons back, we did an extra 20 Overhead Presses and Curls

Wham-O had to head out, so Zima, Miyagi, and YHC headed to the portico for our last 10 minutes for some Jack Webb: 1 Box-Cutter/4 Freddie Mercury’s.  I nearly crapped my pants on the last set which would have really been the ultimate Christmas in April present for everyone there, but luckily it just ended up being some prolonged gas echoing loudly from under the portico.  We moseyed back to the flag, passing a number of ladies who had been parking and unloading things at the house behind the school during our JW and I felt a little shameful wondering if they’d heard the resounding echo of my ‘backblast’.  Hopefully not.

No announcements were made.  Since there were only three of us left at that point, we made Miyagi the honorary 6 so we could hear his story.  We said a short prayer then headed out to conquer our weekend. It’s been a fun week, but I know all of us here are really excited to get all our brothers back home safe and sound from Spring Break. Grinder out.



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