Backblast 4/19/18 Bayside #VQ #GetBetter

Conditions: Cloudy, 41 degrees, Wind: 14 W
Pax (7): Glauc, Banana Bread, T18, Huggies, Grandpa Bear, Spokey doke (respect), Shuttlecock (Q) (respect)

I feel like my first Q went pretty well. I kept it very simple, but still wanted to push as hard as possible. Hardest part for me was judging how much time a workout you have never done before will take. For most of us at Bayside, we have only been at this for a little over a month and we have seen a lot of progress, but again, I wanted to push us to see how far we have come.

Mosy to school courtyard for COP

20 Grass grabbers (IC)
25 Imperial walkers (IC)
25 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)
20 Merkins (IC single count)
20 Step ups (IC single count)

After COP, mosy around from the back to the front of the school

The Thang: 123 Dora (run 80 yards out, 80 yards back for a total of 160 while partner does exercise)
100 Burpees
200 Bobby Hurleys
300 LBCs

The Dora 1 was tough. By the time we started Dora 2 we were struggling. But half through, we got our second wind, and finished strong through Dora 3. Glauc inspired the PAX to push the 160 yard run as hard as possible by racing them, and some ended up sprinting the last few 160 yard runs. 123 Dora took a little longer than I had planned (I had another 123 dora with coupons)  but with time running out, we did some ab work. After the 300 LBCs, the Pax really had to push to get through.

25 Gas Pumps (IC)
25 American Hammers (IC single count)
25 Freddy mercuries (IC)

After that, it was time to head back to the flag in the front of the school. Some PAX pushed this more than just a mosy 😊, which I loved.  #GetBetter

Closed with count-o-rama, name-o-rama, prayers and intentions, announcement reminder on Convergence. A group of Baysiders are going to car pool it in Saturday to attend. Looking forward to seeing all F3Louisville PAX working out together. Gave thanks to God for his grace, lifting praise and prayer requests to him.


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