4/19 Extender BackBlast PED VQ


I thought a little repetitive nature workout would be good.  The first small hill isn’t tough but after 20 times those little hills become mountains.

PAX (16), Sump Pump, FNG- Sherpa, Spreadsheet, Deuce, Busccchhhh, Zoolander, Cow Bell, Zima, Mouth, Escort, Old Bay, Tiger, Fridge, Digiorno, Glen Ross, PED (VQ)



Abe Vigoda – IC

Kendra Newmans

Downward Dog


It was a modified 11’s workout that became 22’s. I incorporated both the hill on Leland and the hill on Cherrywood coming out of Mary Hill into one workout.  Started at the corner of Leland and Cherrywood at the HT entrance with one big boy sit up, ran down the hill at Leland for 10 Burpees.  Back up the hill for 2 big boys, down Cherrywood hill for 10 squat jumps, back up the hill for 3 big boys, down Leland for 9 burpees, rinse and repeat until we were at 0 burpees/squat jumps and 20 big boy sit ups.  It was 2.5 miles of total running 1.25 uphill,  210 sit ups, and 55 burpees/squat jumps.

Given it was much more running and took longer then expected my other plans were scrapped. Intentions were given and closing prayer.

Thanks for all the support in my first VQ. I have really enjoyed the workouts and getting to know everyone.

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