4.27.18 Iceman Birthday Backblast

AO – Posh, Pax – Iceman, Kilo, Nino, Double Down, FORCED Close, McAfee, Jitterbug, Mr. Hat, Huggies, Rox(FNG)

Mosey, butt kicks, high knees, kareoke to parking lot

COP- SSHs 51(of course), Grass Grabbers 20, Arm Circles, mountain climbers 20, calf stretches, 20 Merkins

Thang 1-

3 groups –

1 jog to dip station, dips AMRAP

2 progression runs 25%, 50%, 75%

3 Mary

Thang 2- the 51 yard race

Heats 1, 2, 3

Rinse and repeat

Iceman vs Kilo

Thang 3- bear crawl race… Gotta give this one unofficially to Kilo-freak.

Thang 4

51 burpee race…it was just stupid, but Mcafee busted it out 1st!!!

COT – Intentions for OJ, Mcafee, Bobross, Kilo families, and our HIMs heading to Toledo. A special thanks to the sky Q for bringing me F3 … and Kilo…

Here’s my little Rox… I think he slept in his Mustang track shirt last night!

We were all winners today because we got better…the Pax is strong and the Pax is fast. Cox was fastest of the Pax today as I expected. Kilo and McAfee were strong competitors. I’m not sure what would have been worse for Kilo … getting beat by the old man or getting beat by his little 2.0… Rox. A special thanks to Kilo for letting Rox win. Probably the highlight of his year. He won’t stop talking about it. I’m sure he will tell all his friends at recess today. I want to thank all the HIMs who came out today to celebrate my birthday and to GET BETTER!

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