Delayed BB: 04/26, Bayside…

Fellas, I’m sorry, my brain is everywhere these days.  I am sure you all have been wondering about what Bayside was up to Thursday AM?  Well?  A lot of good stuff.. read on.

Q: Glauc

PAX: Shuttlecock, Banana Bread, Spokey Doke, Huggies, Thumbtack (semi FNG) he came on a black ops tuesday.  Welcome Thumbtack

Mosey to rear of school.

COP:  25 SSH (IC) , 12 Grass Grabbers, hamstring hold waterfall (each  pax consecutively counts from 10 down while holding feet and pulling hamstrings up)

“Soul on Fire” + We all know this by now… SSH the entire song with burpee during “soul on fire”

Merkin waterfall – 8 through 1 – 8 merkins, 8 sec plank hold, rinse and repeat down until 1.

Mosey to rear of school

1:4 : Air squats : Curtsey lunges.. Made it to 8:32 (mixed apollo ono’s instead of curtsey lunges a few times)

Grab coupons:  1:4 , forward raise: curls .  made it to 6:24

Full LBC waterfall: (1st time attempting this)  A “Full” LBC  (raise and lowering your legs, not keeping them stationary) start at 15, then do a 15 second hold.  Repeat down 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 , 9, 8, 7

“Beautiful name”  :  Elbow plank entire song.  during chorus, go to high plank and do a complete merkin on a “descriptive” name and Jesus.  Always tough

mosey to back around flag

Ab O Rama :  All 20 Single count :  20 LBC (legs on ground ) , 20 LBC , LBC (right leg out), LBC (left leg out), LBC (in big marge), 20 Full LBC, lBC (right side down),  LBC (left side down), Side plank dips (right), side plank dips (left)

Repeat above and do 10 of each


Announcements made on the continued AO we hope to be bayside (might have to make a transition to a different site)  Intentions for all, including T18 and the sale of his house and thumbtack on his house move.  Prayers to all those sick.. mentally and physically.  Serenity prayer..


Glauc OUT!

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