BackBlast BlackOps “The Wait is Over” Crestwood Elementary 4/29/18 Abacus / Airplane Q

The wait is over! Crestwood Elementary has everything! HUGE Parking lottrump.jpeg

Tennis courts!


Cross country course!


Picnic Tables!

It was like heaven on earth.jpeg

YUP! This could be the site!

YHC began last week looking forward to Hope Scarves marathon relay, feeling anxious that I had not trained enough miles for the race, and on a high from convergence. When out of the blue the Slack Machine placed an opportunity in front of me. I had a lawyer once tell me half my problem is I don’t like to say no, so naturally, I said yes when Zartan and Airplane suggested F3 needs to be in Crestwood to serve the men of Oldham County!

Airplane and YHC exchanged 5,000,000 slack messages weighing out BlackOps sites and agreed on Crestwood Elementary. Dang that looks solid! Next came, “who is going to Q this BlackOps”. Knowing I had the mini marathon (how’d it get called a mini is beyond me…half sounds so much tougher), I knew crawling out of the fartsack would be damn near impossible if I did not HC to Q.

BlackOps day minus 1 YHC took an action not taken for several Q’s…I wrote down a weinke! Usually, YHC commits the beatdown to some level of memory and then ad-libs, but for Crestwood BlackOps 1 and knowing there would be at least 1 FNG, I owed it to the men to be uber prepared.

Pulling into the parking lot I knew it would be special…there were 8 PAX waiting for this special day! 8

PAX – Abacus Q / Airplane Mary Q, Iceman (R), Nugget, Big Bird, Ameila, Meter Maid (FNG), Boozer, Fergie

Began with standard disclaimer. Mosey around this fine facility provided by the taxpayers of Oldham County (see above for the amenities)!


SSH I/C 20

Copperhead squats I/C 20

Kendra Newmans


Abe Vigota

Finkle Swings

Nancy Kerrigans

Thang 1

Merkin Bomb!!! From 10 down (Airplane, big stud, did 10 each time around)

Thang 2

Partner B.O.M.B.S.

Partner 1 ran 30 ish meters and back while Partner 2 began BOMBS exercise (switch out until finished)

Burpees – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Merkins – 150

Big Boy Sit Ups – 200

Squats – 250

Mosey to the eclectic grassy area for Mary led by Airplane

LBC I/C 21

Gas Pumps 21 straight up

Da vinci sit-ups 6

Mosey to flag for COT, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions

This being F3 and we are freed to lead we will hold BlackOps on Sunday’s here for the month of May!!!! Maybe a Tuesday as well! Stay tuned! F3 is in the OC house!

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