5/16 The Tank launch BackBlast


On March 7th YHC Qd the first every Black Ops at Veterans Memorial Park, drawing a PAX of 17 and 2 FNGs.  Fast forward 2 months and we have the birth of a new AO “the Tank” at veterans memorial park.  Drawing an all time high for the location of 18 PAX with 1 FNG.


PAX attending each post

Kilo, PK, Rhythm, Tool Time, Cutless, Vincent


PAX who posted at Tank Launch 5/16

BUT were not part of F3 on 3/7 Black Ops

Piggy, Flounder, KY Genie, FNG Nighty Night, SnowDay, Hot Wheels, PeekaBoo, Loony Toons, Retainer


Thats 9 PAX from the Jtown area, who were not yet an FNG on March 7th of this year and now 2 months later are potentially Tank PAX.  Simply remarkable the growth happening currently with F3Louisville and I could not be more proud to be apart of it.


Last week I asked SnowDay to break is VQ at veterans Black Ops this week, not yet knowing this would be the official launch week for the AO.  However, once I got word of the launch I realized there wasn’t another PAX I’d want to have Q the opening of the Tank.  SnowDay is a GREAT man and is someone I’ve looked up to for quite sometime.  He grew up nextdoor to my Aunt and Uncle, where i spent a lot of time as a kid.  SnowDay is seven years my elder so i have memories of he and my older cousins tormenting me and probably telling me things I shouldn’t have heard at a young age.  After losing touch for many years F3 has given us a chance to bond and form a friendship at a stage in life when we both need each other.  I cant begin to tell you how thankful I am for that.

Tank eve SnowDay sent me his weinke, and i was blown away.  Organized, new excersises and difficulty that would challenge who ever decided to post for the Tank launch.  Exactly what i expected from a HIM.

Cars began to pile into the large well lit parking lot at the Jeffersonian (Jtown Community Center) around 0515.  I planted my freshly designed Tank flag in the ground and we were ready to go!  I opened up with an explaination about the feel and Vision I have for the Tank and I wanted to convey that vision to the PAX.


The tank will honor combat veterans at every post.  The Q will choose a veteran to highlight and briefly in a couple sentences tell his or her story.  The Q may also choose to tell a personal story about what the sacrifice of veterans means to them.  The Tank will pay respect during COT to the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our values and freedom that we cherish here at home.  God Bless the USA!!


The WO


SnowDay Q, PK, Kilo, Rhythm, Swifty, Tool Time, Hot Wheels, Piggy, Flounder, Cutless, Vincent, KY Genie, Loony Toons, Iceman, Nighty Night (FNG), Retainer, PeekaBoo, Chapo



Kilo led 4 new exercises, To get demonstrations you will have to post at the Tank.


Inch worms IC (didn’t really work well IC)

Gorillas OYO

Double uppercut sprawls OYO

Spin Stops OYO


SnowDay Thang 1

split into 4 groups

4 corners around the large parking lot, stop at each corner and do designated exercise then mosey to the next coroner.  2 X around the lot.

1 corner 10 merkins

2 corner 10 diamond merkins

3 corner 10 Spider-Man merkins

4 corner 10 hand release merkins


Snowday Thang 2

SnowDays of suicide blah blah blah

partner up

p1 does some mary until relief comes from suiciding p2 pax

20 yards 10 burpees


40 yards 10 jump lunges each leg


60 yards 10 donkey kick frog jumps woof



flap jack X2 with Mary partner.


Not a ton of MC goin on during this one, after the PAX was smoked from the suicides we circled up for some Mary and to end the post with our best friend Jack Webb.

0615 hit, YHC stepped in the middle of COT circle to talk about a veteran I’d learned about from a video I watched on Tank eve.  His name is;

Staff Sgt. Isaac Lebonte

Staff sgt. Lebonte spoke about the grief he dealt with the first time he looked thought the sights of his .50 cal and killed an enemy soldier.  He spoke about the trauma of losing a close friend during an IED blast.  He spoke about PTSD, and the difficulty he faces getting a job now state side.  Overall highlighting the sacrifice made by these men and women and that we should be thankful for them each and every day.


SnowDay closed us down with a prayer thanking the SkyQ for our health and for F3. And with that the Tank was officially born.


SYATT (see you at the tank)





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