Black Ops in the OC

At the first sound of the alarm, YHC knew this was going to be a good day. What the Pax at St Al’s didn’t know, today was the dawning of a new time. All Black ops in the OC before today were simply known as BN (before Nugget) the Era known as AN (after Nugget) has begun.

Q: Nugget

Pax: Abacus, Cochran, Boozer, Lube Job, Meter Maid, Battier, Big Bird, Nugget

The clouds parted and the Sun rose over a blank canvas at St Al’s. YHC did some recon post Preakness to get a lay of the land. This place has it all, and we only scratched the surface today.

And you read that right, not one drop of rain.

We started with a Do ah Diddy run around the church. This is similar to an Indian run but the leader does squats AMRAP u til he is the six. At that moment he calls “six” and the current leader squats.

We returned to the parking lot for COP

Abe Vigodas IC


Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats IC

Thang 1

We started in the middle of the park g lot for some Burpee Dan’s. That is 1 Burpee with 4 walking lunges. Once to the other side we did 2 Burpees and 8 walking lunges for the full length of the parking lot.

Thang 2

We moseyed to the field for a modified Dora

The Pax were relatively new, so YHC was excited to deliver this one.

P1 run to opposite side of field and back

P2 50 decline Merkins, 100 Dips, 150 step ups

Switch and keep a running total.

First off Cochran Larry Birded all of the exercises. Killed it. Everyone was feeling it after these, but what time is it? Only 645? Still 30 minutes to go, HIMs.

We moseyed to the playground stopping once for some squats to keep us close together.

Thang 3

A circuit workout for 8 minutes. 4 stations, 2 at each station. Switch each minute.

Station 1 LBCs

Station 2 Dips on the bars

Station 3 Pull ups

Station 4 knees to elbows.

YHC doesn’t know when it happened, but I could definitely use some better hanging strength. Knees to Elbows wasn’t enough for Abacus who went straight to Toes to Bar. Impressive.

We made our way back towards the flag. Y another round of Burpee Dan’s.

Finished up with some Duck, Duck, Mary.


Announcements were made and YHC and Abacus answered some questions about Black Ops v AOs. This one is on the way and Abacus and Airplane have a solid plan as of now. Abacus spoke of the importance of Pearls on a string and we moved on to Ball of Man.

I am continually impressed by the showing of the Pax at all sites. I really didn’t know who to expect there other than Abacus. I was welcomed by each of these Men and I am humbled by their effort. Thank you for allowing me to lead again today.

PS there are some consistent trends at Nugget Qs recently. One was the bad weather, which was broken today with the beautiful weather. The second is the lack of someone with a military rank. General Crazy, Lieutenant lunatic? I don’t remember. Maybe one day that streak will end 😂

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