6/6 Tank Backblast #LetsExplore


My idea for this rendition of the Tank was to explore all Veterans Park has to offer, aside from the giant lit parking lot. Truth be told we didn’t even scratch the surface and YHC cant wait to see how creative the PAX get with this terrain.

This was a special workout for YHC.

  1.  It was my first time as Q since the Tank launched 3 weeks ago.
  2. my very best friend who I’ve been re EH since last summer, finally made his return (S/O Worm SYITG)
  3. They’re all special



Kilo, PK, Rhythm, Hot Wheels, Worm, SnowDay, Flounder, Huggies, Nino, IceMan (Respect), Peekaboo, DODODODODO, Short Bus, Nice N Slow, Jitterbug (Respect), Abacus, Aerobe


20 imperial walkers

15 Abe vigoda 

10 grass grabber


Thang 1

Mosey to hill behind lower softball field

3 min amrap bear crawl up, crawl bear down


Thang 2

Mosey to coupons in old meet up parking lot

1 min amrap rounds 




Overhead hold Flutter kicks 


Thang 3

Mosey to over look deck for waterfall merkins

10 merkins, 10 second plank……………….1 merkin 1 second plank


At this point we moseyed up through the park to take a look at the terrain veterans has to offer in its current form.  The park is only partially open while construction is taking place on the upper half.  To view the rendering of the veteran memorial monument currently being constructed follow @TankF3Lou on twitter!


Thang 4

Mosey back to overlook dock for Jack Webb.


Thang 5

Mosey back to hill for partner DORA 123 run up hill

50 LBC

100 MERICAN Hammers

150 LBC


Thang 5

10 BOYO touch the top of the bleachers and 2 100 yd wind sprints to burn everyone out.



YHC spoke about the people who are volunteering their life to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  These men and women, some ex military some civilian with little training, have joined up with the Kurds in Northern Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS and push out evil.  I am thankful for the immense sacrifice they make to go overseas on their own dime with out any paycheck or guarantee of medical supplies.  It reminds me that America Truly is The Land of The Free, and The Home of The Brave.


Sara Lynch (Mrs. Abacus) recovery and next steps, Pope recovery, Weedwacker son Vince starting his treatment back next week in Cincinnati, for Butcher and his family going through a difficult time as his mother ends her cancer treatment, seeking comfort and the Lord.

Took us out thanking God for our health and asking for courage to make someone smile today.


Until the Extender tomorrow!






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