6/21 County BackBlast

Pax: Glen Ross Q, Valdez, Meter Maid, Airplane, McAfee, Kilo, Bobble, Momma’s Boy, Irsey, Double Down (Respect), Little Jerry (Respect)

Conditions: Cloudy, 77 and less humid than earlier this week.  Light rain halfway into the workout.

Let me start with a few things:

  1.  The St. Aloysius/ the County site is awesome. Just a beautiful location- tons of space, with lush green fields
  2. The St. Als crew is killing it.  Great group of HIM- already traveling to other sites (5 visited the Blender last week and Big Bird brought a huge group with him to Norton Commons last Friday)
  3. Its not that far away.  With summer here maybe you can spare a bit more drive time and get out and visit some of the other AOs.  Drive time for me was only 15 minutes- ask Kilo, it’s worth the drive and he’s already picked up the Q for next week

As as I mentioned above, this site is the perfect AO.  A couple of weeks ago Airplane reached out and asked me to come out to his Q.  I felt bad, as I had already committed to riding my 20 year old mountain bike w/ SumpPump to the O but I told him to sign me up to Q on the 21.  Getting back to Airplane, I’ve known him for close to 25 years.  He’s a great guy and I ran into him at our kids swim meet last February.  We chatted and the talk quickly moved to F3.  He was interested and we had a Black Ops site that was fairly close to his home.  He came out to Norton Commons in early March, got hooked and became a regular at the Mutt. For 2 or 3 weeks in March, we did pre- workout Rucks at the Mutt- starting at 4:45.  Airplane was a regular for this- leaving his house at 4:15.  Wow.

Fast forward to May, and with some help from Zartan, both Abacus and Airplane launched this site and now he walks to the workout.  Airplane is also a head locking machine easily headlocking a dozen guys within 2 months.  Thank you for leadership.

Ok- so on to the workout.  In the pre-blast I put out earlier this week I mentioned we would work out the arms, and of course work in some Mary too.  I showed up at 5:10 for some site recon.  Holy $hit.  This place has it all.  So what I had planned on doing I completely changed and re-worked my weinke in the car as others began to arrive.  Also- in keeping with some excellent Q advice from Z- I’m keeping it simple.  We would do just 6 exercises

Disclaimer: no FNGs and we are off for short mosey around the old church and back to coupon storage site.  Interesting that the coupons each have their own spot, also color coordinated.  I’m being serious

Everyone grab a coupon and circle up.

10 Curls (IC), 10 presses (IC), 10 rows (IC), 10 single count Big Boys, 10 gas pumps (IC) and 60 second elbow plank.  Like I said this is it- all we would do for the next 40 minutes.

Next, in a group, carry coupons overhead from cone to cone stopping at four spots to knock out 25 single count curls.  We traveled about 150 Yards- keeping coupon up the entire time.

Next, we entered Central Park.  Airplane told me that they never been over here before.  I love taking the Pax to new spots- and when he told me this I knew we had go


Ok.  So in the park we would stop 4 times- each time doing 25 coupon rows- while carrying the coupons over our heads the entire time.

Exited the park, carry coupons back the way we came- again, carry up over your head.  4 more stops- each stop 25 presses.  This was another 150 Yards.  Before putting the coupons back in their assigned  spots we did a short walk back around the old church- 2 stops with rows (25 each) and one final stop with 25 curls.  At this time, my skinny arms were smoked.  Time for some Mary.

When I saw the field, I couldn’t believe it, lush, Bermuda field that had just been watered.  Man it looked like the perfect spot for Mary.  Especially if you have ever worked out at the Mutt fields.

As I made my way there, Valdez informed me that the field is a no no, part of the deal Abacus worked out with St Aloysius was to stay off.  I understand, and we found another nice piece of grass- in front of the church, which was cool Because it had a huge stained glass window with Jesus looking over us.

It was also at this time that Valdez told me  he’s never done the 7 minute plank challenge.  Ok- another change up, but let’s do it.  So we circled up and knocked out the 7 minute plank challenge.  Google it.  Kilo, McAfee and Valdez all holding with perfect form.  The entire group did a great job- not much modifying

With only 3 minutes left I wanted to work in the Gas Pump Webb.  1 big boy/4 gas pumps.  Ran out of time at 7/28.  I’ll be back to finish this one.

Mosey back to the flag:

1) count off/ name o Rama:  11 HIM and Bobble got the 6.  He had a massive head as baby, unable to support his massive head and just moved his head for the first year of his life like a bobble head.  Thanks for coming out Bobble.  Also, as mentioned before, F3 opens up many new friendships.  3 nights ago, I’m a timer at my kids swim meet when this guy who looks familiar asks me “are you Bob Ross”?  I told him, no, I’m Glen, Bob is my older brother.  This happens all the time.  So the guy next to me for the next 3 hours was Mommas Boy- great name and a damn good timer too.  He’s a good dude and this group continues to open up new friendships.  So get out and roam a bit this summer- meet some of the newer guys

Intentions:  Continued prayers for Abacus, his M and their entire family, always keeping Pope in prayers- he will be back soon, Weedwackers family and his son Vince- he’s a warrior.  Also if you have something- put it out on Slack.

I ended with 2 things:

I will pray for all the Pax with us today.  We all face challenges-keep leading.

Get into work today and crush the hardest task/ challenge/ project you have first thing in the morning.  Don’t wait, don’t drag it out- crush it, knock it out and move on from there.  As always, enjoyed this Q, they are all fun.  Q juice did not disappoint.  Love the location- come check it out and suppprt these guys.



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