TheCarpenter Back Blast for 7/10/18 – “FLIP” flops and tank tops….

Q – Methane

Pax –




Flo Jo



Old Bay


Hot Wheels

Scuba Steve



12 Pax moseyed to an open area in which they obviously knew I had no clue where I was going, and circled up.

20 SSH

15 Abe Vigotas

20 Cherry Pickers

Arm Circles

Let’s go..


Well since I was tardy to TheCarpenter last week and then could not find the Pax, I offered to Q the next week. I had a great idea too, I would break out the “FLIP A FLIPPING COIN FITNESS” challenge to the Pax. We take a 35lb weight with T on one side and H on the other. Each Pax takes a turn buy doing 5 kettle bell swings and then flips the coin. HEADS is one exercise and TAILS is another:

We went through about 27 exercises and to be honest, I do not remember what order. We did realize that ironically, doing Al Gores for 1 minute actually produces a lot of hazardous methane gas. I’ll take it as the Pax was just cheering my name in appreciation!


Moseyed back to the parking lot got some COT and thanked the Sky Q for a beautiful morning. I worked out today with a lot of guys I do not normally see and that was great. There are so many HIMs in F3, keep moving around to AOs and keep up the 2rd F!

Methane out! (Ha ha, Methane out, that’s funny.)

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