Backblast 7-14-18 #Ruiner at the O

Geppetto and Elmer after the Booya Merkin Mile

Pax (16) Geppetto (Q)  Cutlass, Spinal Tap, Buschhhhh, Bear (2.0), Huggies, Red Roof, Porkchop, Acorn (R), Captain Insane-o, Tin Cup, Snowman, Mayberry, Meatball, Elmer (2.0), Face

Weather conditions: 90* +/-  Sunny, steamy, and hot.  Otherwise perfect.

Attire:  YHC had nothing fancy but my Tough Mudder headband.  Face was the talk of the F3 fashion chatter with his Mickey Mouse tank.

One year ago I decided to give this F3 thing a try.  Saturday 7-15-17 at the O was my first post.   I’ve since posted over 140 times.  Q’d a dozen or so workouts, helped launch a new region in Lexington, and countless other CSAUP activities with you knuckleheads.  But I still remember every detail of that first post as clearly as any of those other things.  Face was the Q that day (paybacks are hell).   I think the human brain just has a way of keeping traumatic experiences at the forefront.  It’s likely a survival tool to keep you from doing whatever it was that you did again.  Oh well…

A year later…return to the scene of the crime.  First time Q at the O for YHC.  (Quick aside: Special shoutout to Old Bay for challenging us all to get out and about.  Strongly encourage those of you aren’t doing it to get on board.  It’s really been good meeting other pax that I don’t see regularly. Not too late to get in on it!)


Moseyed over to the baseball outfield for some COP

Arm circles (little/big, forward/back)

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch


Freddie Mercury’s IC x 25

LBC IC x 50

Thang 1:  Booya Merkin Mile

Divided the pax into two groups.  Starting on the outside of the baseball fence around centerfield.  G1 went clockwise, G2 counter.  Pax would run a total of 5 laps around the field.  Meeting at the backstop and centerfield to stop and do 10 Booya Merkins with the first member of the other group they ran into.  Total distance ran was a little over a mile.  Booyas totaled 100.  Woof.

Thang 2A:  Bear Crawl inchworm

In an homage to my very first post I took a page out of Face’s workout from that day.  This was the thing that really made me question ever coming back. The pax lined up in head to toe planks in two groups of eight along the third base line.  Pax in the rear would bear crawl to the front of the line.  Did this for three rotations until we made it to the outfield fence.  Still sucked after a year…

Thang 2B:  The Waiting Room

This is a Geppetto original.  (Or at least I haven’t seen it before) Pax of similar size would line up back to back in Al Gore.  Again along the third base line.  First duo in line would Yoda carry to the front of line while the rest of the group tree hugged back to back supporting your partners weight.  Thighs were burning.  Repeated for three rotations.

Moseyed back over to coupon field for some Dora.

P1 AYG run to the other end, mosey back. P2 100 OH coupon presses

P1 AYG run to the other end, mosey back P2 150 coupon curls

A few groups finished that and did some coupon bench as well.  Had about 15 minutes left so wanted to finish with some Mary.

Duck, Duck, Mary

Pax formed a large circle.  We took turns calling out our favorite Mary exercise and then would run AYG around the circle while the rest of the pax did that exercise.  Leave it to CI to call out Pickle Pounders and then run a little less than half speed while calling out to all the other park goers to look at us…

Had just enough time to Billy Run back to the flag.  For those of you unfamiliar.  Billy Run is a slow mosey as a group until one of the Pax decides to yell “BILLY!”.  Then it’s AYG.  Nobody wants to be that guy…but really everyone wants to be that guy.  Mayberry moseys up besides me and whispers “how about now?”  Not sure he even noticed the little old grandma with her earphones in as we moseyed up behind her…”BILLLLLLY!!!”  Hope she is ok.  Back to flag with seconds to spare.


Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama.  I thanked the pax in attendance for what this past year has done for me and want to take this opportunity to express that gratitude to any of you reading this.  Circled up for intentions.  I brought up something our guest Q at the Mutt, Chedda from Lexington SC, said to us last week.  There is an epidemic of depression in our country, especially amongst men.  Suicide is at all time highs. As men we can be reluctant to express our feelings or ask for help when times get overwhelming.  We all have those moments and likely have friends that have issues we are unaware of.  F3 has provided an outlet for not only venting through physical activity but probably more importantly through 2nd and 3rd F.  Let’s keep this ball rolling and reach out to your friends that regardless of F3 affiliation need some help.

Gepetto out!


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