7/18 Backblast The Mutt #theblender #F3Open

It had been a minute since my last Q as I’ve been nursing a slight injury (Zima’s Dr. was right).   If I did indeed Q today, I would’ve done it like this…

Q – OJ

PAX:  Old Bay, Mad Cow, Noxeema Jackson, Fridge, Glen Ross, Escort, Wham!, Buschhhhh, Uncle Rico, Tin Cup, Cowbell, A Frame (FNG), Sanka (FNG)

Mosey around the school for COP

30 SSHs IC

20 Abe Vigotas IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC (slight mumblings) 🐒

Plank – right arm/left arm up – elbow plank

Native American run down Brookfield to Leland and back (Prisoner style – hands clasped over your head)

If anyone remembers my Derby themed workout from back in November, I tried to incorporate much of what I did there for today’s workout.  Tomorrow starts the 147th British Open.  I’m a huge golf fan and this is my 2nd favorite tournament of the year (can’t beat Sundays at Augusta).  For years, I’ve been getting up around 3 or so just to watch the Open.   So I did a little research to come up with 18 interesting facts and statistics to aid in the workout.

The F3 Open

**Each PAX would rotate throwing the ball in the field.  It was a practice ball so you could only throw it about 20 yards or so.  Odd holes would be BEAR CRAWLED to and even holes would be LUNGE WALKED to.

1. 1860 was the first year – 8 men played – 8 Boyos

2. Most wins – Harry Vardon (6) – 6 Boyos

3. Most Runner Ups – Jack Nicklaus (7) – 7 Boyos

4. Most Appearances – Gary Player (46) – 46 Big Boy Sit Ups

5. Oldest Winner 1867 Old Tom Morris (46) – 46 Squats

6. Youngest Winner 1868 Young Tom Morris (17) – 17 Merkins Single OMC

7. 156 are eligible 70 make the cut – 70 LBCs

8. Largest margin of Victory 15 Strokes by Tiger Woods in 2000 – 15 Groiners IC

9. Longest Span between wins JH Taylor in 1894-1913 – 19 yrs – 19 Mountain Climbers IC

10. In 2003 Ben Curtis was ranked 396 in the world when he won the Open – 396 Squats – just kidding – 39 SSHs and 6 Boyos

11. There have been 6 amateurs to win the Open all before 1930 – 6 Boyos

12. Biggest deficit to overcome 10 Shots by Paul Lawrie in 1999 – 10 Merkins IC

13. Key Statistic – Americans in their 20s have won the past 5 majors – 5 Boyos

14. This year will be the 47th and final year that the Open will be the 3rd major – Starting in 2019 the PGA Championship will be moving to May – 47 Flutter Kicks oyo

15. 14 Different courses have hosted the Open (St. Andrews – 29) – 14 Plank Jacks IC

16. Of the 146 Opens, Americans have won 42 including 3 of the last 5 – 42 SSHs

17. Both Darren Clarke (2011) and Phil Mickelson (2013) played in the most Opens before winning in their 20th start – 20 Merkins oyo

18. Lowest final score for the 72 holes in relation to par (-20) Henrik Stenson in 2016 – 20 Jump Squats

By the time we finished the 18th hole it was 6:15 on the dot.


Welcomed in two FNGs

Prayers for Vince and one of Cowbells friends

I shared that I posted twice in Hilton Head last week and how this thing we have called F3 is so incredible.  There’s something about showing up in the middle of the dark and being welcomed in by 20+ guys that I didn’t know and felt comfortable doing much of the same exercises that we do here in Louisville.  I can’t stress enough for those that get the chance to post DR, please do not pass up the opportunity.  One of the guys in HH was from Atlanta and once he figured out I was from Louisville, he said “hey man, I was up there in like April and we did some stupid workout where we did 100 burpees, ran a mile, then another 50 burpees and ran another mile.”  I was like oh yeah, that was dumb, but awesome.  We remember the CSAUP posts (see yesterday).

It’s great to see FNGs every time we workout and to know that we’re sharing this with new guys all the time.

*my pick for the Open is Justin Rose


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