Inaugural Crucible Backblast – 7.17.18

A couple of weeks ago I was approached about starting a Black Ops site near the Poshlands and the County on Tuesdays due to the increasing number of PAX posting on Tuesdays. I was intrigued to say the least, and decided to take on the challenge and create another opportunity for PAX to come and #getgooder. I want ‘The Crucible’ to be a post where PAX know what to expect. They know it will be more than just an average workout (although you can say all F3 workouts are that), even more intense than your normal F3 workout.

With this in mind, I was excited to get things started. With the first day approaching, I started considering several Hero WODs that I thought would be a good fit for the first workout. I had a few in mind when Digiorno reached out to myself, Retainer, Methane, Nugget, and Thumbtack with a unique opportunity. He wanted to bring a workout to the Louisville PAX that he experienced at The Fort. I was intrigued, but my first question was, “Will this be difficult?” I wanted to make sure it would be something that would challenge the PAX. Once I saw the “Board of Pain”, I thought this could be something fun to try. So I bought in!

We agreed as a group to keep it a secret until the day of the workout (although the pre-blasts may have given it away).

Tuesday, July 17th 2018

Weather: Damp and muggy, with a slight breeze in the air. 68 degrees, but the temperature was rising.

I didn’t need to prep much at all for the workout, and I knew it would be difficult, so I rested as long as I could and pulled into the Poshlands at 5:25 AM. I didn’t know how many to expect, but either way, the workout was still the same, just a matter of how many we could fit at the playground for Mary work and push-ups.

When I pulled up there were four other guys there waiting for me. I tried to stay low key and keep the secret alive. So as I approached and told the PAX to grab water if you had it, Iceman looks at me and says, “Man, what are we in for? You show up with this intensity and then tell us we will need water. WTF?”

After the PAX grab their water, we gather around to set the stage for the Crucible moving forward. No FNGs so my intro was short and sweet and we began to stretch. Did some Kendra Newmans, Grass Grabbers, and quad stretches before moseying over to the Poshland Playground.

The workout was simple, you have 35 minutes to complete as much of the “Board of Pain” as possible, with a 100 yard run in between each exercise. Here is the Board of Pain:


Here were the results from the five PAX this morning:

Iceman – 80 Carolina Dry Docks

How Wheels – 36 American Hammers

Nino – 60 Mac Tar Jai

Catfish – 100+ Shoulder Raises

McAfee – 100+ Shoulder Raises

Catfish and I were pumping out shoulder raises when the time was done, so we are not too sure how many we completely before time was done.

These men came to work this morning. There was minimal mumble chatter due to all the sweat and work that was being put in.

Shout out to Catfish for pushing me this morning. We played a 35 minute game of Cat and Mouse, where we both would take turns pushing one another to get through the exercises faster.

This was a good test and I am excited to see how we progress in a couple of weeks or months. This was a true You vs You and all men got better this morning.

McAfee out!

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