Rooster Backblast – 7.24

Q: Deuce

PAX (15): Sump Pump, Geppetto, Hooch, Zoolander, Fridge, PED, Tiger, BUSCHHHHH, Cowbell, Pepperoni, Spinal Tap, Draper, Mouth, Left Eye, Deuce

Weather: For July 24, it was about as good as we could ask

A short mosey and then circle up for a little warm up:  SSH (25 IC), Grass grabbers (20 IC), downward dog and runners stretch, then Kendra Newmans.

Count off, then Partner up and mosey down to the coupon garden for thang 1.

While Partner 1 runs a lap around the new path circling the football field, Partner 2 does exercise 1 until fail, then switch to exercise 2 until fail or upon Partner 1 finishing the lap.  Once Partner 1 finishes the lap, Partner 2 begins the run and Partner 1 starts fail exercise regiment.

Lap 1 – burpees and coupon presses

Lap 2 – coupon merkins and kettle bell swings

Lap 3 – curls and rows

Thang 2 – mosey up to the parking lot where the PAX made two lines (odds and evens from count off), each standing at the end of a parking spot line.  While holding in Al Gore, the PAX at the end bear crawled to the other end Native American style.  Repeat.

Thang 3 – Jack Webb with jump squats (1) and calf raises (4).

Last circle up with the PAX calling out a Mary (or other exercise) with minimum 10 reps. We made it through big boy sit ups (10), LBCs (20), Merkins (10), Copperhead squats (10), Catalina winemakers (7 – Zoo didn’t hear the 10 minimum).

COT – announcements were that Zoolander is looking to hand off the Site Q for the Extender so please consider stepping up.  Reminder of Popevergence on Saturday at the O.  Intentions given and prayers, particularly for Tiger’s mom.



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