Backblast #TheTank 7/25/18 #JackWebb

This has to be the worst album of all time…

As I continue on my tour of AOs it was time for my guest Q at The Tank.  I’ve actually posted there several times since it’s inception and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t made it out there yet to make the trip.  It’s got a little of everything.  Large paved area, baseball fields for a flat grassy area, plenty of hills, scenic trails to run on, they just added mini coups, and finally…they have a real live tank and a chopper!

Anyway as this was my 3nd Q in my last 6 posts, I was starting to run low on creative ideas.  I like to try to bring something new to the table each time I Q.  As I thought through my weinke I knew I wanted to do some Jack Webbs.  And the more I thought about it, let’s just do a complete workout of Jacks, or some variation of!! Enough chatter by YHC…now just the facts.

PAX: (10) Geppetto Q, Meatball, Backdraft, Drysdale, Starchild, Vincent (R), Worm, Peekaboo, Eastwood, Diablo (IR)

Weather: No official temp but it was another glorious morning.  Especially for July.

Zoogear:  Nothing fancy.  The Vet is a blue collar AO.  We were just here to work!

5:30-Introduced myself to the pax and we moseyed over to get two mini coups each.  Somewhere along the way Diablo took a bad step.  Whatever he did, he decided he needed to call it and we were down one pax.  It had to have been bad for him to bail.  He’s a beast.  Hope it’s a quick heal Diablo!


Arm Circles

Abe Vigodas ICx12

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch

Freddie Mercury’s ICx25

Thang 1-Jack Webbs with mini coups

We did the traditional version of Jack Webb, only added the mini coups to our air presses.  1:4 up to 10:40.  Stuff got real, real quick with this one!  Total 55 merkins, 220 coupon raises.

Was at this point I introduced the pax to a special guest I had brought along with me.  Val (CI’s pride and joy 60# sand bag for some of you yet to meet him).  The night before, I reached out to Captain Insane-o and asked if he was posting today.  Said he wasn’t.  So I asked if Val was busy.  He said Val was available, but I could sense the nervousness in his demeanor.  (Was at this point I flashed back to taking my high school girlfriend on our first date and locking eyes with her dad as we left her house.)  I promised to take good care of his baby and we did.  So much that we never let it touch the ground.  The pax were instructed to carry Val along as we finished the workout.  Passing it along so everyone could take a turn with it.

Thang 2-Step up/dip Webbs

Moseyed over to the stadium steps and did 1:4 up to 10:40 step ups and dips.  Borrowed this from Abacus beatdown he did a week or two ago.  Woof!  Several of the pax threw Val over their shoulders and did their dips…Vincent…Starchild to name a few.  YHC did all I could just to lift my arse off the bench.  Total 55 step ups, 220 dips.

Thang 3-Pickle pounder/LBC Webbs

Moseyed over to the overlook deck and did 1:4 up to 10:40 pickles to LBCs.  Originally I wanted to do groiners but the deck surface was too slick.  Apparently Backdraft wanted to pound his pickle so I obliged and we modified.  55 pounded pickles, 220 LBCs.

Had just enough time to mosey back to the flag, of course keeping Val high and dry along the way.


Name-o-rama.  Announcements for the Pope-vergence this Saturday.  Intentions were said.  Thanks again to the pax that came out today.  You helped me as much or more than I helped you.  Finally shoutout for Grinder stepping in to Q out there this Friday for the Chopper.  If you’ve never been to a Grinder Q I highly recommend it.  They are creative, well thought out, and will kick your ass!

Geppetto out!




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