Bayside 07/26/18 Backblast


Fannypack [Q]




Gpa Bear


Florence [fng]

Mr. Bubbles

Shuttlecock [R]


warmup mosey high knees, butt kicks


25 SSH [IC], pretzel back stretch, down dog, cobra, 20 merkins [IC]

Mosey to back of school

50 yard burpee broad jump 50 yard bear crawl

10x10x3= 10 exercises 10 reps 3 sets

1 tuck jump burpees 2 merkins 3 jumping lunges 4 leg raises 5 seal jacks 6 supermans 7 mt. climbers 8 prison squats 9 plank builds 10 alpine ski abs all in cadence

100 y mosey  each set

25 y burpee broad jump 25y bear crawl

mosey back to flags

moment of clarity asked pax what exercise they hated the most then they did that exercise for the the last minute

COT intentions,  prayer

My  first Q nobody died so I think it was good.

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