Prime days purchase

I made a purchase during Prime Days. It was an impulse buy, but I needed to justify its purchase. And this week seemed to be the right time to hook it up and test the promise of the manufacturer. So starting on Wednesday at HDHH, in secret, I brought it to Gerstles and turned it on. What is it you ask? The new and improved Hype machine.

While reading the instructions, YHC discovered that this particular model can be especially effective when certain beverages are added. It’s also perfect for large groups and social media. So my first test was on Mad Cow. As he sipped on that first wheat Pepsi, I could see the effecty Hype machine was having. And quickly, he had begun to gather his team for the event I had planned for this morning at NC. No experiment is done with one single test, so I moved next to Pork Chop and Old Bay. Not only did it work, but it sparked a budding partnership with victory as the goal.

After that, I knew it was ready for social media. And like everything on Slack, it spread like Wild fire. Commits were coming from everywhere, with many asking, “what the hell is going on?”

And as the cars began to line the street of NC, I knew this was my best purchase yet. And the. We began

Q: Nugget

Pax: Yogi



Old bay


Wedding singer


Tin cup


Pork chop

Sea bass








Weather: 68 and beautiful. Just gloomy enough to make out my teammates faces.

Gearlander: Nike maroon rights, black Adidas shorts. Peach Adidas shirt, mudgear no shows and my new Blue Mizuno wave riders. Yeah, I don’t concern myself with matching ITG

It was a nice plus to have Seabass HC after they canceled his practice tonight due to a Green/white scrimmage. He wants to get better. HIM

Disclaimer given and a short mosey to the stage.


Abe Vigodas IC


Kendra Newmans

The Thang BLIMPS

As was encouraged on slack and at HDHH. I told the Pax to grab 2 of their favorite HIMs and build a team for some competition. I like competition, so I knew that would peak some interest. YHC knew that there would be some stag Pax and was ready to join whoever would have me. Mad Cow and Fridge had an open spot and were kind enough to allow me to jump on board. Now that the teams were set, I passed out the math homework.

The round set up like this:

Box Jumps 50-40-30-20-10

LBCs 100-80-60-40-20

Imperial Walkers 150-120-90-60-30

Merkins 200-160-120-80-40

Plank Jacks 250-200-150-100-50

SSH 300-240-180-120-60

All reps were to be done as a team total. No single Pax could do more than 50% of any particular exercise per round. And all Pax must complete at least 25% of each exercise per round. The rounds must be completed as a team before moving to the next round. Outside of that, the strategy of each team was up to them.

I allowed for a short planning session and then we were off.

There was a little chatter, mostly about math, at the beginning but that turned to groans pretty quickly when the Merkins began. I have to compliment Madcow and Fridge. They carried me. I don’t get to work out with Fridge very often, but he was killing it today. From what I could tell, and what I kniw about our Pax, this rules were irrelevant. All wanted to do their part to push the group forward.

Old bay, Pork Chop and Pallet Jack won, but circled around to pick up the other teams who weren’t far behind.

This took the majority of the time. We then circled up on the stage for some Tabata. 8 rounds 20 sec on 10 sec rest.


Plank (until time was called)

We moseyed back to the spot where a flag may or may not have been.


18 Pax in all which is strong. NC doesn’t always get large crowds but it has a good core of support. The real question now is who can you headlock in the area. I think more than one Friday option is a good thing.

Finally, I spoke on the new beginnings of many this time of year, especially for 2.0s. This can be a time of excitement for new teachers, schools and even friends. But it also can be a time that is filled with anxiety and stress. A lot of times we as adults, think back to a time where we dont remember stress or responsibility, at least to the level we have now. We tend to forget starting a new school year is hard for anyone, even a 5 year old going to kindergarten, or a 14 year old going to high school, or an 18 year old going to college. Remember to be supportive. Remember to react to failure with advice, discuss consequences, but also provide the opportunity to build back up. And most of all, challenge your 2.0, but celebrate effort and hard work.

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