Backblast – Extender 8-2-18

PAX (16): Sump Pump, Miyagi, Zoolander, Fridge, PED, Tiger, Yogi, Pepperoni, Bumble Bee (R), Blueprint, Cowbell, Pink Panther, Mouth, Zima, Zonka, Deuce (Q)

Weather: Humid, but pleasantly not raining or lightning.

Gearlander: Doesn’t matter, not as fashionable as Zoo (but who is?)

Given that this was Zoo’s last day as site Q, he showed up right on time, 5:30 sharp.  Zima, new site Q beat me to the Mutt by at least 5 minutes and I showed up early to set something up.  Site Q juice I suppose.

Mosey around the school and then circle up near the portico for a little warm up:  5 BOYOs, Grass grabbers (20 IC), downward dog, then Kendra Newmans and some quad stretches.  At this point a comment was made that we must be doing some running.  Correct.

Everyone mosey to grab a coupon and come back up to the parking lot where I had some flags placed at strategic intervals for pretty much the only 2 thangs we would do.

Thang 1 – Suicide merkin webb thing.  The flags stretched the length of the back parking lot.

Run to the first flag and back, drop and do 4 merkins.  Run to the first flag and back, then to the second flag and back, 8 merkins.  1st flag and back, 2nd flag and back, 3rd flag and back, then 12 merkins.  Then a full suicide, 16 merkins.  Total merkins = 40.

Thang 2 – 6 exercise tabata – 1 minute each AMRAP, with 15 second break between.

Exercises – curls, rows, overhead press, squats, lunges, big boy situps.  (It was during this that we engaged in a detailed discussion of the Ohio State coaching situation, and where I was kicking myself for forgetting my speaker for music to drown it out)

After completion of the tabata, I told the PAX we would be repeating things 1 and 2, to which Bumble Bee told me I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.  He wasn’t wrong.

After the repeat, we only had a few minutes,  so return the coupons and circle up for some Mary.  I would start and then randomly call on PAX for an exercise, no restrictions.  Things done – box cutters (20), Catalina winemakers (10), LBCs with an American Hammer (20), merkins with side plank (20).

COT – count and name-o-ramas, announcements and then intentions given, and a quick prayer.  Finally, the official handing off of the Extender flag to Zima.


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