BB from the Rooster 8/21: Jump Ropes and 3,000 Burpees

Retainer rolled in from Posh to the Mutt at 5:15 to check out the environs. At 5:16, Old Bay squealed into the parking lot, planted the Rooster Flag, and squealed out again. Old Bay would rather run with Grinder than get a Retainer beat down. I see how it is.

Luckily, 20  Pax were up for the challenge and rolled in by 5:29.

Pax: Cowbell, Blueprint, Noxema Jackson, Deuce, Pink Panther, Fridge, Sprinkler FNG, Spreadsheet, Left Eye, Windshield, Miagi, Backdraft, Ham, Whamo, Escort, Yogi, Tiger, Hand Jive, PED, Retainer QIC.

Thang 1:

Started the morning with a Burpee run. Took a nice mosey around the campus and into the surrounding neighborhood. At various points, I stopped and called 5 BOYO’s. By the time we made it back, everyone had completed 40 BOYO’s.

Thang 2:

Count off in 1’s and 2’s. 1’s get a coupon, 2’s get a jump rope. Then, 1’s complete an exercise for reps with the coupon while the 2’s do speed work on the rope. Then exchange the coupon and rope, such that everyone gets a turn.

Then, do 5 BOYO’s before the next exercise is called. I had planned to call 20 exercises with 100 burpees during this Thang. Skipped a few because I was gassed. But for backblast purposes, let’s call it an even 100.

Thang 3:

The 1’s run a 40 yard dash at full sprint, while the 2’s do LBC’s AMRAP. Then switch. Then rinse and repeat 5x.

Thang 4:

An extra 10 burpees, to make sure we hit the 150 mark. 20 PAX x 150 burpees = 3,000.

Thang 5:

A Retainer count of 200 with 1-10 BBS, 11-20 LBC’s, 21-30 rest, rinse and repeat until we get to 200. Timer went off at the 150 mark. Will have to finish it next time.

Announcements and intentions. Sorry I didn’t get them all written down, but of special note is the upcoming surgery for Noxema’s 2.0. Please keep him and his family in your prayers this week. Closed, as always, with the Our Father in unison.

Thanks for having me to the Rooster, fellas. I’ll be back.

Retainer out.

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