YHC had a rough weekend.  Long story short.  My wife was in severe pain Friday night and Saturday afternoon, shortly after being diagnosed with appendicitis my wife is on an operating table having her appendix removed.  It was a whirlwind of emotions, YHC went from concerned to scared to overwhelmed to releived.   Initially concearned when she was in pain, scared when it didn’t get any better and the thought of something bad, overwhelmed figuring out what to do with my 3 2.0s while Mom needed immediate medical attention, then releived when out of surgery shes doing well 2.0s were fine and my brothers were there to support.


YHC made one post on slack during a busy hour on Saturday when most are not checking slack (I didn’t even @ channel). Within minutes private messages and text begin blowing up my phone offering prayers support and assistance.  You went out of your way to make sure that my family was ok and had the support we needed.  Thankfully we have both sides of our family in town, who are able to shoulder the majority of the heavy 2.0 lifting.  Going back to my post last week about “The Little Blue Truck” everyone tried to help me out of the mud.  You can bet your bottom dollar that YHC will return the favor.  Because “We Rise by Lifting Others”.

THAT is truly humbling and to me the #1 reason F3Louisville is More than just a Workout!  AYE!!!!


Weather – a sticky 77

Gearlander – Myles shorts with built in liner (check em out) mudgear loose race jersey Honey Badger edition.  Reebok tough mudder kicks and Injinji socks.  Tougher Mudder headband



Kilo, Gillespie, Chapo, Cutlass, Butcher, Wham!, Joker (FNG), Keystone Light (FNG), Fonda (R), Swifty, Vincent (R), Jordy, Loco


Circle up for COP

20 SSH


20 Mtn Climber


20 Grass Grabbers


20 Imperial Walker



everyone to the baseline of field hockey field.  YHC noticed the field looked awful poshy today.


Thang 1

20 plank slalom on baseline

BearCrawl to 1/4 line


Bear Crawl back


Thang 2 BearCrawlCrawlBear o rama

YHC calls out right (side crawl right)

YHC calls out left (side crawl left)

YHC calls out down (Merkin)

YHC calls out OUT (BearCrawl to 1/4 line)


we did this all the way across the field 1/4 line 1/2 line 3/4 line full line.


rince and repeat only this time CrawlBear back to initial starting point.

WOOF!!!  Don’t try this at home.


For good measure to make sure PAX was smoked we took a 1 mile mosey around the loop at Seneca.




announcements made for September ruck event 9/15 #Qdre Jordy and Snowman.

Ruck Q&A TBD but be on the look out.

BOM thank God for health happiness f3 and help make a stranger smile.






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