Carp Back Blast 8/28

The great Dr. Tom Zehnder, PhD always says there are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. More on this later. Airplane Q PAX: Flo Jo, Captain Insane O, Face, Chestnut, Sweatshop, Grinder. Conditions: swampy. After gassing up the Yoda, I made the journey over to the zoo parking lot to set up some stations. As I was pulling into the lot, my normal Tuesday alarm for the county started going off. Ah, who needs sleep! Once all the stations were labeled I headed over to the flag area where Flo Jo was waiting.

“Do you wanna go for an EC lap?” He asked.

“How far, and what pace?” I replied.

“1.2 miles about an 8 minute pace.”

“No thanks, I’m good.”

Flo Jo returned, the others arrived. Disclaimer was given and we ran the long way to the zoo parking lot. We briefly circled up to stretch the legs a bit.

The one and only thang:

10 stations “set up” 20-30 yards apart across the entire width of the zoo parking lot. Walk lunge to each station, complete exercise, walk lunge to the next. The stations: 10 burpees, 20 pull back Superman’s, 30 hand release merkins, 40 squats, 50 plank jacks (SC), 60 flutter kicks (SC), 70 hillbillies (SC), 80 mountain climbers (SC), 90 air presses, 100 LBC. Rinse and repeat back down the ladder. Run back to the flag for the last 100 LBC. We finished right on time. NOR: COT:

Announcements. 2nd F tonight 7pm at Rooties on Westport rd

Prayers for anyone who’s dealing with cancer, and general hardships.

Thanks was given for allowing me to lead this awesome group.

Now back to the three types of lies…..

YHC asked CI when should I start seeing hair regrowth. “After your second Carp Q. 9/11 is available if you want it!”🤔


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