The Silo – North Posh – Black Blast – 8/27/18

I was curious what the numbers would look like this morning with WHAS at the O but the PAX did not disappoint! 15 came out to The Silo and pushed the limits to start the week.

I tried to keep a bit of a theme throughout the workout centered around Beastmode and what Nino’s vision was for the The Silo workout when he set out and started it. Naturally, we want this workout to be at a higher intensity and to often involve more running. However, it’s not about being the fittest person there or being a star runner. Beastmode is about pushing your personal limits. It’s about channeling the inner voice when your tired from a message of “this is too much” to a message of “let’s push through and give a little extra”.

I feel like every single PAX did that this morning.

Workout went something like this:


25x SSH

12x Grass Grabbers

Leg Stretch

Plank to 20 Merkins at your own pace

Run down the hill from the parking lot to Shelbyville Road – 10 Burpees

Run back up the hill to parking lot – 10 Burpees


We started with an Indian run from the North Posh Parking lot down to the Pit

Once we arrived, we partnered up and pushed through the following:

Partner 1 – Bernie Sanders up the steep incline at the entrance to the Pit – 10 Bobby Hurley’s at the top and then run back down

Partner 2 – Burpees until Partner 1 returns

We went though this set twice for each Partner

We then moved over to the parking lot area.

Partner 1 – work through a sequence of 15 burpees, 35 hand release merkins, 45 squat jumps – AMRAP until Partner 2 finishes

Partner 2 – Bear Crawl the length of the parking lot and sprint the other side. Complete three times then switch with Partner 1.

Upon finishing, we ran up the steep incline in to the parking lot to the street. At that point, we had a 10 count and covered the Creedo, “leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him” with the PAX. I encouraged the PAX to hit the hill back to the parking hard but to stop at the top and cheer the other PAX as they finished.

I’m always motivated by encouragement and I love to hear and see other PAX encourage each other. Encouragement breeds beast mode mentality.

Once all the PAX finished, we circled up and planked for the last minute. Then we did COT:


Huggies Challenge at the Posh on Wednesday. He has some really cool patches that will be handed out. This should be a challenging workout. Try to make it if you can!

September Ruck event has been moved to the 15th. All PAX were encouraged to attend if possible.

Iron PAX challenge was moved to St. Al’s.

News at the O!


Kilo’s M, Abacus M, Weedwacker/Vince, Meter Maid’s Father-in-Law

Prayer around being thankful for being able to be out there, to have such a great group to start the week with. Also, gave thanks for having the presence of mind to get better, get the most out of life and for striving to be a better husband, father, friend and co-worker.

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a great group. Thank you.





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